The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Augusta, Clara

Pseudonym For: Trask, Clara Augusta Jones, 1839-1905

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Items with "Augusta, Clara" as Credited Author

The Banner Weekly

A "Fowl" Proceeding
Almost a Tragedy
A Bad Investment
A Birthday Gift
A Bit of Conjugal Infidelity
A Blighted Courtship: As Related by Mrs. Betsy Higgins
A Canine Experience
Declined With Thanks
A Domestic Disturbance
A Doubtful Transaction
Ezra Essays to Make Soap
Ezra Has a Husking
Ezra Puts Up a Stove
The Fair and Cattle Show
The Goose Corner Frolic
Ignominiously Defeated
In the Old Attic
A Little "Slicking" Up
The Little Black Window
Luck Against Him
Mandy Perkins Has a Party
Mrs. Higgins Enters the Arena
Mrs. Higgins Gets a Bunnit
Mrs. Higgins Goes A-Shopping
Mrs. Higgins Takes a Bath
A Night of Terror
Out of the Deep
Painless Dentistry
The Return of Fitz-Smith
Their New Bedstead
A Tragedy On Skates
A Trial of Speed

Beadle's Dime Dialogues

Aunt Betsy's Beaux
The Enrolling Officer
A Nobleman in Disguise
That Naughty Boy
The Way They Kept A Secret

Beadle's Dime Novels

Winifred Winthrop, or, The Lady of Atherton Hall

The Bijou Series

66. The Fatal Glove

Bright Ideas Series

9. Patience Pettigrew's Perplexities

The Chicago Ledger

Marrying a Twin
Miss Parker's Lost Cat

Eagle Library

127. Nobody's Daughter
216. The Lost Bride

Electric Series

500. Patience Pettigrew's Perplexities
512. Adventures of a Bashful Bachelor

Funny Books

1. Adventures of a Bashful Bachelor
8. Patience Pettigrew's Perplexities

Gleason's Pictorial Novelettes

2. Kilbebry Rocks; or, The Phantom of the Oaks

The Home

Art Happy?
At School—A Memory
Be Faithful
The Bird of Home
The Clouds
The Icicle Melted; or, The Power of Kindness
A Mother's Influence
My "Reward Of Merit"
My Mary
Three Ships
Trust On
The Unwilling Wife

Humorous Stories

10. The Rugg Documents, Complete

Idle Hour Series (Lupton)

12. The Fatal Glove

Leisure Hour Library, 1st Series

122. Out of the sea
134. The pearl of the ocean
160. The Aunt Keziah papers
180. A woman's secret
233. The Fatal Glove
297. The Scarlet Cross
334. Muriel Strong

New York Weekly

The Adopted Daughter
All For The Best
All Wrong
The asphodel
Aunt Annie's Christmas Eve
The Bashful Man
The Boots Under The Bed
A Boston "Drummer's" Adventure
Briggs' Queer Marriage
A Burglar-Proof House
Carl's Christmas Gift
A Cat Fair
The Changelings
The Cold Water Man
Cragport Light
Dr. Spencer's Crime
A Dreadful Mystery
An Engaging Young Doctor
The engine driver's story
A Fiery Death
Going to Bed in the Dark
Hair-Dresser's Story
How Edgerley Was Trapped
In A Queer Fix
In December
In June
Jo Jenkins' Ride
Judge Fernleigh's Pet; or, The Hand of Destiny
The Judge's Story
The Lost Bride
Marrying a Twin
A Marvelous Cure
Memory's Spell
Miss Bumble's Traveling Bag
A Mistake About Browne
Mr. Main's Suicide
Mr. Peabody's Garden
Mr. Policeman Brown
Mrs. Blake's Visit to the Mountains
Mrs. Brown's New Dress
Mrs. Green's Party
Mullen Leaves
My Editorial Experience
My Light-Colored Overcoat
Nobody's Daughter
An Old Lady's Story
One Faithful Heart
One Too Many
Out of Temptation
Pauls' Name
Peter Holt's Rock Heap
Pettigrew Papers
A Pretty Railway Acquaintance
Putting Up A Stove
The Rugg Documents
Samuel and I
The Shadow of the Tomb
Smith and his Counterpart
The Tenant of Oak Cottage
A Terrible Scandal
A Terrible Secret
Timothy Titus
Todd's Olive Plants
Tom Spalding's Accident
Tommy Brown's Monkey
Traveling with a Madman
An Unruly Eye
Warned of Death
Widow Jonson's New Year Party
Widow Peaslee's Troubles
The Wigwag Papers
With What Is Past
Won At Last

Peerless Series

1. Patience Pettigrew's Perplexities
28. Adventures of a Bashful Bachelor

The People's Home Journal (Lupton)

After Five Years
Carl Mainwaring's Pride
Deacon Bunker's Proposal
The Engineer
A Fortunate Mistake
The House Painting at Juniper's
Lemuel's Pocket-Book
Miss Marchmont's Romance
Miss Splicer's Toboggan
Modest Mr. Singleton
Mr. Phipps' Uncle John
Mrs. Bigbee's Tribulations
Painting the House
A Powder-Mill Romance
Reuben Toast's Tricycle
The Scarlet Cross
Squire Richard's Second Wife
The Sugaring-Off Party at Draper's
A Suit of Ready Made Clothing
A Supernatural Appearance

The Saturday Journal

'Zekiel and the Ghost
Art Happy?
The Clouds
The Power of Kindness
The Unwilling Wife

Saturday Night

The First of April

Select Series

21. The Lost Bride
82. Nobody's Daughter

Sunset Series

6. Patience Pettigrew's Perplexities
31. Adventures of a Bashful Bachelor

Ten Cent Novelettes

53. Mabel Ward

Waverley Library (Octavo edition)

23. Sinned Against; or, The Winthrop Pride

Waverley Library (Quarto edition)

35. Sinned Against; or, The Winthrop Pride