The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Author of "Diamond Dick"

Pseudonym For: Cook, William Wallace, 1867-1933; Lawson, W. B.

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Items with "Author of "Diamond Dick"" as Credited Author

Diamond Dick, Jr.

Diamond Dick's desert pard; or, Jack Sinn's last shot
243. Diamond Dick's maverick; or, The secret of Old Copper-Top
247. Diamond Dick's man-hunt; or, The terror of the Yellowstone
249. Diamond Dick's Old Salt; or, The Man with the Green Eye
252. Diamond Dick, Jr.'s danger signal; or, Rough work at Rawlins
253. Diamond Dick's dark case; or, The spell of the "Loco-Loco"
265. Diamond Dick's rival and the bogus troopers; or, The plot against the governor
274. Diamond Dick and the Hannibal County desperadoes; or, Against judge and jury
275. Diamond Dick's Moonlight Attack; or, The Freight Thieves of the T. N. & P. Railroad
279. Diamond Dick's Quick Action; or, The Fastest Fight on Record
300. Diamond Dick, Jr.'s Daring Drift; or, Under Water Through Devil's Gulch
301. Diamond Dick, Jr.'s diamond clew; or, The duke of Pokeropolis
302. Diamond Dick, Jr.'s ride for life; or, The hoboes of Hunnewell
303. Diamond Dick, Jr.'s mining venture; or, The mystery of shaft no. 3
348. Diamond Dick's stand-off; or, The shotgun messenger's last trip
360. Diamond Dick and the safe-crackers; or, Two-spot's level best
364. Diamond Dick's Web-Foot Pard; or, Queer Work on the Hurricane Deck
431. Handsome Harry on the wolf's trail; or, The train robbers' ambush
450. Diamond Dick's fight for honor; or, The wizard gambler
497. Diamond Dick's Vampire Trail; or, the Mad Horseman of Thunder Mountain
499. Diamond Dick's lost trail; or, A queer hunt in Oregon
600. Diamond Dick's slashing blow; or, A close call in the big ditch