The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Willard, Constance Beatrice

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Items with "Willard, Constance Beatrice" as Credited Author

The Chicago Ledger

The Ball of the Snow Fairies
The Crimson Quintette; or Mysterious Secret of No. 13
A Crimson Tragedy; Or, The Mystery of a Damascus Dagger
The Curse of the Geisha Girl; or From Generation to Generation
The Hand of Fate; or The Mystery of the Clarinet Club
Her Scathing Trial
Her Strange Confession; or, Making Good
A Husband's Sin; or, The Lure of Love
Like Mother, Like Daughter; or, The Shadows of Despair
Lord Wellington's Choice; or A Test of Maiden Hearts
Love's Transformation; Or, Her Terrible Secret
The Mark of Cain; or, The Black Pride of the Countess of Barnchester
The Omar Passion Ruby; or The Tragic Secret of a Young Wife's Heart
Queen of the Love-Red Rose; or Mignon's Tragic Career
A Sacrificial Secret; or, The Lurid Letter Revenge
The Secret Marriage; or, The Fate of a Bigamist
The Sword of Fate; or, From the Steps of the Gallows
Thorns of Sin; or, Out of the Misery of the Past