The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Harbaugh, T. C. (Thomas Chalmers), 1849-1924

Pseudonyms: Grant, A. F., Maj.; Holmes, Howard, Captain; Scott, Sam S., 1849-1924

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Items with "Harbaugh, T. C. (Thomas Chalmers), 1849-1924" as Author

The American Library (American Library Co.)

9. A Wall Street Broker; or, Loomis Ketchum's Scheme. A Detective Who Was "No Good"

The Banner Weekly

"After Awhile"
The Arm-Chair
Barbara Drane's Brave Deed
Buried at the North
Canyon Con's Bet
The Capital Prize
The Charge
Come With Me, Darling
The Condor's Manifest
The Cost of it All
The Coward of Gouge-Eye Camp
"Dead Injin Gulch", and Its Dread Winter Episode
Death At The Palace Gate
The Detective's Promise
The Detective's Trap
A Duel in a Rattler's Den
The End of the Skein
Faded Bridal Flowers
The Felon Juror
The Girl Mutineer
Grandfather's Spring
The Haunted House
High Stakes
The Home of the Soul
I Wonder When
The Ida May
In an Album
In Silken Bonds
Jubilee Joe, The Chain-Light Detective; or, The Lamb in the Wolf's Den
Lady Jane Grey
The Last Song
The Last Tournament
Little Miss Fink
The Lost Ship
Love Is True
A Mad Woman
Major Satan's Plot
The Man in the Gray Room
A Memory
The Missing Conestoga
The Mother's Dream
My Friend is Safe To-Night
My Ships
The Norman's Death
Not Hanged
Oh, Could I Sit by Thee
The Old Clock
Placer Phil's Scalp
The Presidents' Graves
The Ring in the Sand
The Schoolmaster's Grave
The Silver Witness
Sir Philip
A Siren's Vengeance
The Soldier's Lot
The Soldier's Pledge
The Spelling Class
Tom Todd's Desperate Chances
Two of a Kind, A Legend of Pocket Pistol
Vandyke's New Year's Leaf
Wanted, A Head
We Have Been Foes
The White Asp
Whose Crime? A Detective Puzzle
Winning Her Dowry
The Wrestlers

Border Boys Library

4. Six Bandits; or, The Scourge of the Frontier
24. Broken Plumes' Rifle; or, The Boy Defenders

The Chicago Ledger

The Black Dagger
The Borgia Shadow; or, The She-Wolf of Florence
Cleopatra's Necklace; or, The Curse of the White Sapphire
A Daughter of Jezebel; or, The Blackmailers of Gotham
The Gentleman Robber; or, The Man From Newgate
Hand and Cord; or, the Rajah's Treasure
In Blood Mary's Days; or, The Nottingham Maid
The Invisible Bride; or, The Mystery of a Night
The Jewels of Jezebel; or The Last Days of a King
Kit Carson's Chum; or, Ned in the Northwest
Memorial Day
Miss Sherlock Takes a Hand
The Mystery of Room 88
Redcoat and Rebel; or, The Old Tory's Ward
Serpent and Dove; or The Heiress of Hedstone Hall
A Sinner At Bay
A Sinner at Bay. The Story of Lucky Markham's Nemesis--A Romance of Love, Crime and Retribution.
The Senator's Secret; or, the Mystery of a Washington Home
A Woman Scorned; or, The Trail of a Flower

Clover Series

69. The White Squadron

Eagle Library

120. The White Squadron

Little Chief Library

12. Kit Carson's Foe; or, The Red Tiger of the Rockies
39. The Man Ferret; or, The Postoffice Detective
41. Quickfoot
60. The Witch Finder; or, The Fatal Brand
65. Rattling Rupert; or, The Queen of the Tropics
86. The Tories Brand; or, The Witch's Prophecy
89. Pluck and Luck; or, The Young Plume Hunters
98. The Black Forest Blade-Maker; or, The Mountain Brigands
148. Big Dick
153. Silver Saul; or, The Man of Nerve
161. Frontier Rivals

New York Weekly

A fearful night
The Indian prophetess

The Saturday Journal

A Fancy
A Fortunate Shot
A Minute's Madness
A Ride with a Madman
A Sister's Vengeance; or, The Beauty of the St. James
A Sleeping Beauty
A Terrible Doom, A Story of To-day
A Terrible Mistake
A Thrilling Tale: The Man-Trap
A Wedding-Night
A Woman's Hand In It
Al Kennon
An Idyl Of The King
The Artist's Model
Bertha's Night
The Blind Baroness, A Story of the Rhine
The Blue Grass Bellle
Callie's Devotion
Centennial Stories: "If You Dare!" An Incident of the Evacuation of Boston
Centennial Stories: "Supper For Ten," A Story of the Revolution
Centennial Stories: A Yankee Enterprise
Centennial Stories: An Amazon's Reception, An Incident of 1779
Centennial Stories: Balfour's Prisoner, A Tale of Charleston in 1781
Centennial Stories: Chestnut
Centennial Stories: Lot Merrill's Exploit
Centennial Stories: The Hidden Continental
Centennial Stories: The Last of the Swallow
Centennial Stories: The Silver Bullet
Centennial Stories: The Voice in the Night
Centennial Stories: Van Dyck's Ward
The Condor's Manifest
The Cousin's Plot
The Crone Foiled, A Story of the South
Death At The Palace Gate
Doctor Wood's Patient
Doctor's Patient, A Story of the Crescent City
The Don's Ward; or, Ignacio's Scheme
The Elk King, A Wild Story of Maine
Fearfully Foiled
The Forest Tragedy
The Gipsy's Curse
The Girl Mutineer
The Goblin Knight
Good-By, Old Year
High Stakes, A Story of Southern Life
The Hunted Heiress
Irel Green's Ivy
Jane Shore, 1482
Kitty's Night-Watch
The Legend of Friar Justin
Lost Love
The Lost Ship
The Lover's Escape
Mabel Clare
The Mad Baker, An Episode of the Great London Fire
The Man in the Gray Room
The March of the Warrior Dead
Marion And His Men
Mark Dane's Hate
My Little Boat
Myrtle's Heroism
Nick o' the Night; or, The Boy Spy of '76, A Centennial Story
Norah's Sleigh-ride, And What Came of it
The Old Valise
Only A Newspaper Man
Outwitted; or, Young Hearts vs. Old Heads
Over the Sea
The Patriot's Daughter
Puritan Prissie, A Tale of Roundheads and Cavaliers
The Ranger's Ransom, A Story of Cherry Valley
The Ride of Lucky Dan
Saved at the Altar
The Seneschal
Sir Wellyn's Wager
The Skeleton's Will
Stories of Chivalry: Count Pastellar's Daughter
Stories of Chivalry: Mad Rudolph
Stories of Chivalry: The Black Gondola
Stories of Chivalry: The Crusader's Last Stroke
Stories of Chivalry: The Lettres De Cachet
Stories of Chivalry: The Poisoned Kiss
Stories of Chivalry: The Silver Mask
Stories of Chivalry: The Traitor's Page
Stories of Chivalry: Who Rode The Black Horse
That One Night
To An Old Picture
The Two Spies, A Story of Custer's Last Raid
Under The Autumn Moon
Up in the Clouds, A Thrilling Story
The Valley of Shadow
Vandyke's New Year's Leaf
Vashnu's Eye
War, Woman, Wine
What Waverly Did
Where He Got His Wife
Where Money Is King
The White Canoe
The Wife's Two Blows
The Wine of Ruliger, A Legend of Hesse-Cassel
Woman against Woman
The Yeoman
Yes Or No
Young Johnston