The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - White, Lawrence, Jr.

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Items with "White, Lawrence, Jr." as Credited Author

Brave and Bold

Gordon Keith's Double; or, The Chase of the Coiners
159. That boy, Checkers; or, Chased half-way around the world
181. The lost chief; or, Gordon Keith's adventures among the Redskins
206. The Sky Smuggler; or, Gordon Keith's Great Balloon Chase
210. Gordon Keith in Java; or, The search for the lost wild beast taker
226. Marooned in the ice; or, Gordon Keith's Arctic chase
232. In the land of the slave hunters; or, Gordon Keith in darkest Africa
236. To Unknown Lands; or, Gordon Keith in Patagonia
240. Among the witch doctors; or, Gordon Keith in Zulu Land
251. The red wafer; or, Gordon Keith at bay
266. Gordon Keith, Whaler; or, A Chase Through the Frozen North
274. Far below the equator; or, Gordon Keith in the land of revolution
278. Among the Arab slave raiders
298. The thumb-print clue; or, Gordon Keith's remarkable case
326. Gordon Keith in Zululand; or, How Checkers held the fort
330. Gordon Keith under African skies; or, Four comrades in the danger zone
346. Comrades three; or, With Gordon Keith in the South Seas
368. Sparkling plunder; or, Gordon Keith bagging jailbirds
373. The airship destroyer; or, Gordon Keith's greatest mystery
379. The trail over seas; or, Gordon Keith's brilliant play
385. A dash into mystery; or, Gordon Keith's amazing nerve
404. Swindlers rounded up; or, The adventures of a South African trooper