The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Delmar, Dora

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Items with "Delmar, Dora" as Credited Author

Answered in Jest (2 editions)
By a Golden Cord (5 editions)
Cast Up by the Tide (5 editions)
Cast Upon His Care (2 editions)
Erlescourt's Love (2 editions)
Even this Sacrifice (1 edition)
Fair to Look Upon (1 edition)
For Whose Sake? (2 editions)
Had She Foreseen! (3 editions)
Half a Truth (4 editions)
A Handsome Sinner (4 editions)
In Spite of Fate (2 editions)
In the Golden City (2 editions)
Lady Viola's Secret (2 editions)
The Love of His Youth (2 editions)
Mabel and May (1 edition)
The New Love or the Old (2 editions)
The Rival Heiresses (1 edition)
The Scent of Roses (5 editions)
The Secret of Estcourt (2 editions)
Sinner or Victim? (2 editions)
A Tempting Offer (2 editions)
True for Love's Sake (2 editions)
Where Love Leads (2 editions)
Without a Name (1 edition)
Woman or Witch? (3 editions)