The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Pawnee Jack

Pseudonym For: Merrill, J. M. (James Milford), 1847-1936; Senarens, Luis, 1863-1939; Shackleford, H. K. (Harvey King), 1841-1906

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Items with "Pawnee Jack" as Credited Author

All Around Weekly

Brave Bradshaw, the Express Messenger; or, Through by Night with a Million
Cyclone, the Horse Runner; or, The Young Lassoer of the Plains
Hank Monk, The Stage Driver of the Pacific Slope
"Little Dot"; or, The Dandy Scout of the Plains
"Phantom," the Prairie Trapper
Ranch 5. A Story of the 49ers
The Secret Glen, or, The Mysterious War Chief
The Young Drover; or, The Secret Order of the Northwest