The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Lakeland, Harry

Pseudonym For: Doughty, Francis Worcester, -1917; O'Sullivan, Dennis; Shackleford, H. K. (Harvey King), 1841-1906; Small, George G.; Van Orden, William Howard, 1816?-1894?

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Items with "Lakeland, Harry" as Credited Author

All Around Weekly

Bravest of the Brave. A Story of the Mexican War
Galloping O'Hagan; or, The Bold Free Rider. A Thrilling Story of Ireland
The Hook and Ladder Boys; or, The Best Firemen in Town
Iceberg Jack, the Hero of the Arctic
"King of the Ice"; or, Astray in the Arctic
Matt, the Avenger; or, Fighting the Mexican Bandits
One Thousand Miles on Skates. A Story of Exciting Adventures
"Stand Together"; or, The Young Firemen of Clinton
Young Franklin; or, Buried under the Snow