The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Shadow Steve

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Items with "Shadow Steve" as Credited Author

Dick Dobbs' Detective Weekly

1. The Great Truck Mystery; or, Dick Dobbs on a Hot Trail
2. A Fight in the Air; or, Dick Dobbs' Air Ship
3. The Deep Sea Tragedy; or, Dick Dobbs' Submarine
4. A Finish Fight with Twin Seeley; or, Dick Dobbs Foils a Shrewd Plan
5. In the Nick of Time ; or Dick Dobbs Among the Counterfeitars.
6. A Hole in the Wall; or, Dick Dobbs among the Moonshiners
7. The Frozen Face; or, Dick Dobbs among the Smugglers
8. The Moving Picture Swindle; or, Dick Dobbs Deals a Daring Blow
9. Crime’s Greatest Conception; or, Dick Dobbs on His Mettle.