The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Barr, Luther, Capt.

Pseudonym used by Street & Smith

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Items with "Barr, Luther, Capt." as Credited Author

Paul Jones Weekly

1. Paul Jones' Cruise for Glory; or, The Sign of the Coiled Rattlesnake
2. Paul Jones at Bay; or, Striking a Blow for Liberty
3. Paul Jones' Pledge; or, The Tiger of the Atlantic
4. Paul Jones' Bold Swoop; or, Cutting out a British Supply Ship
5. Paul Jones' Strategy; or, Outwitting the Fleets of Old England
6. Paul Jones' Long Chase; or, The Last Shot in the Locker
7. Out with Paul Jones; or, Giving Them a Bad Fright along the English Coast
8. Paul Jones Afloat and Ashore; or, Stirring Adventures in London Town
9. Paul Jones' Swamp Trail; or, Outwitting the Coast Raiders
10. Paul Jones' Defiance; or, How the Virginia Planter Invaded "Robber's Roost"
11. Paul Jones; Double; or, The Cruise of the "Floating Feather"
12. Adrift with Paul Jones; or, The Last of the Lagoon Pirates
13. Paul Jones against Odds; or, The Story of a Wonderful Fight
14. Paul Jones' Sealed Orders; or, Special Duty in the Caribees
15. Paul Jones among the Redcoats; or, The Fight off Tobago
16. Paul Jones and the Letter of Marque; or, Clipping the Tiger's Claw
17. Paul Jones' Running Fight; or, A Blow for Freedom at Old Nassau
18. Paul Jones' Secret Foe; or, Traitors aboard the "Providence"
19. The Cruise of the Eagle; or, Rescued by Paul Jones
20. Paul Jones among the Slaves; or, The "Portland's" White Captive