The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Davis, Frederick W.

Pseudonyms: Clay, Bertha M.; Stevens, Maurice

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Items with "Davis, Frederick W." as Author

All Sports Library

16. Jack Lightfoot's Strategy; or, Hare and Hounds over Cranford Hills (uncredited)
17. Jack Lightfoot in the Saddle; or, A Jockey for Just One Day (uncredited)

My Queen

31. A Fatal Love (uncredited)
32. Where Love Leads (uncredited)
33. A Lover in Disguise (uncredited)
34. Did She Hate Him? (uncredited)
35. Already Married (uncredited)
36. Her Love Was True (uncredited)
37. Her Dreadful Secret (uncredited)

New Bertha Clay Library

185. Where Love Leads (uncredited)