The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Stevens, Maurice

Pseudonym For: Davis, Frederick W.; Whitson, John Harvey, 1854-1936

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Items with "Stevens, Maurice" as Credited Author

All Sports Library

1. Jack Lightfoot's Challenge; or, The Winning of the Wager
2. Jack Lightfoot's Hockey Team; or, The Rival Athletes of Old Cranford
3. Jack Lightfoot's Great Play; or, Surprising the Academy Boys
4. Jack Lightfoot's Athletic Tournament; or, Breaking the Record Quarter-Mile Dash
5. Jack Lightfoot in the Woods; or, Taking the Hermit Trout of Simms' Hole
6. Jack Lightfoot's Trump Curve; or, The Wizard Pitcher of the Four-Town League
7. Jack Lightfoot's Crack Nine; or, How Old "Wagon Tongue" Won the Game
8. Jack Lightfoot's Winning Oar; or, A Hot Race for the Cup
9. Jack Lightfoot, the Young Naturalist; or, The Mystery of Thunder Mountain
10. Jack Lightfoot's Team Work; or Pulling a Game of the Fire
11. Jack Lightfoot's Home Run; or, A Glorious Hit in the Right Place
12. Jack Lightfoot, Peacemaker; or, What Happened on a Century Run
13. Jack Lightfoot's Lucky Puncture; or, A Young Athlete among the Hobos
14. Jack Lightfoot, the Magician; or, Quelling a Mutiny in the Nine
15. Jack Lightfoot's Lightning Battery; or, Kidnapping a Star Pitcher
16. Jack Lightfoot's Strategy; or, Hare and Hounds over Cranford Hills
17. Jack Lightfoot in the Saddle; or, A Jockey for Just One Day
18. Jack Lightfoot's Dilemma; or, A Traitor on the Diamond
19. Jack Lightfoot's Cyclone Finish; or, How Victory Was Snatched from Defeat
20. Jack Lightfoot in Camp; or, Young Athletes at Play in the Wilderness
21. Jack Lightfoot's Disappearance; or, the Turning up of an Old Enemy
22. Jack Lightfoot's "Stone Wall" Infield; or, Making a Reputation in the League
23. Jack Lightfoot's Talisman; or, The Only Way to Win Games in Baseball
24. Jack Lightfoot's Mad Auto Dash; or, Speeding at the Ninety Mile Clip
25. Jack Lightfoot Afloat; or, The Cruise of the Canvas Canoes
26. Jack Lightfoot's Hard Luck, or, A Lightning Triple Play in the Ninth
27. Jack Lightfoot's Iron Arm; or, How the New "Spit" Ball Worked the Charm
28. Jack Lightfoot on the Mat; or, the Jiu Jitsu Trick That Did Not Work
29. Jack Lightfoot's All-Sports Team; or, How Lafe Lampton Threw the Hammer
30. Jack Lightfoot in the Box; or, The Mascot That Hoodooed the Nine
31. Jack Lightfoot's Lucky Find; or, The New Man Who Covered "Short"
32. Jack Lightfoot, Archer; or, The Strange Secret an Arrow Revealed
33. Jack Lightfoot's Cleverness; or, The Boy Who Butted In
34. Jack Lightfoot's Decision; or, That Chestnut of "Playing Against Ten Men"
35. Jack Lightfoot, Pennant-Winner; or, Winding up the Four Town League
36. Jack Lightfoot's Pledge; or Bound in Honor
37. Jack Lightfoot's Nerve; or, A Desperate Mutiny at the "Gym"
38. Jack Lightfoot's Halfback; or, Playing the Giants of the League
39. Jack Lightfoot's Gridiron Boys; or, Leading a Patched-up Team to Victory
40. Jack Lightfoot's Trap Shooting; or, Against the Champion of the Gun Club
41. Jack Lightfoot's Touchdown; or, A Hard Nut to Crack at Highland
42. Jack Lightfoot's Flying Wedge; or, How Kirkland Won the Game for Cranford
43. Jack Lightfoot's Great Kick; or, The Tackle That Did Not Work
44. Jack Lightfoot's Duck Blind; or, A Strange Mystery of the Swamp
45. Jack Lightfoot's Luck; or, Glorious Days of Sport Ahead
46. Jack Lightfoot's Triumph; or, Back From a Watery Grave
47. Jack Lightfoot Down in Dixie; or, The Voyage of the Single-Hand Cruisers
48. Jack Lightfoot's Plans; or, Wrecked on Indian River
49. Jack Lightfoot on Snow Shoes; or, The Chase of the Great Moose
50. Jack Lightfoot Snowed-up; or Lost in the Trackless Canadian Wilderness
51. Jack Lightfoot's Enemies; or, A Fight to the Finish
52. Jack Lightfoot at Seagirt; or, New Friends and Old Foes
53. Jack Lightfoot's Hazing; or, Tricking the Tricksters
54. Jack Lightfoot's First Victory; or, A Battle for Blood
55. Jack Lightfoot's Peril; or Treachery on the Ice
56. Jack Lightfoot's Ice Boat; or, The Man with the Haunting Eyes