The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Plutarch

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Items with "Plutarch" as Credited Author

Cassell's National Library

Life of Cato the Younger
Life of Cicero
Life of Demosthenes
Lives of Agis, Cleomenes and the Gracchi
8. Lives of Alexander and Caesar
26. Lives of Alcibiades, Coriolanus, etc.
44. Lives of Demetrius, Mark Antony
89. Lives of Timoleon, Paulus, Aemilius, Lysander and Sylla
100. Lives of Agesilaus, Pompey and Phacion
107. Lives of Solon, Publicole, etc.
131. Lives of Pyrrhus, Camillus, Pelopidas, Marcellus
140. Lives of Dion, Brutus, Artaxerxes
148. Lives of Nicias, Crosseus, Aratus, etc.
152. Lives of Monulus, Cimon, Lucullus and Lycurgus
156. Lives of Numa, Sertorious, Eumenes