The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Author of "Nick Carter"

Pseudonym For: Dey, Frederic Van Rensselaer, 1865-1922

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Items with "Author of "Nick Carter"" as Credited Author

Nick Carter Library

49. Bold masked robbers; or, Nick Carter's lively conflict
53. Nick Carter in Wall Street; or, Tracking a stolen fortune
56. A daring deed; or, Nick Carter solving the Oakland mystery
58. Nick Carter in Chinatown; or, The Doyers Street criminals
59. Nick Carter at Sing Sing; or, In hot pursuit of an escaped criminal
179. The counterfeiter's gold tooth, or, Nick Carter's crooked correspondent

Nick Carter Weekly

4. Trim Among the Esquimaux; or, A Long Night in the Frozen North
43. Nick Carter arrested by mistake; or, The man on the window sill
44. Nick Carter's magic hand; or, The crime of the Chinese highbinders
45. Nick Carter's promise; or, Millions at stake
46. The gold wizard; or, Nick Carter's clever protege
47. Nick Carter in the chinese joint, or, A bargain in crime
49. Nick Carter's hot pursuit; or, The trick of an escaped convict
50. Nick Carter's youngest detective, or, Working on his own case
54. A young detective's air route; or, The great Hindoo mystery
55. Nick Carter's missing detective; or, A warning by telephone
56. Nick Carter's girl detective; or, What became of the crown jewels
68. The mask of glass, or, Little Roxy in a double role
224. A young detective's air route; or, The great Hindoo mystery
238. Nick Carter's mysterious neighbor; or, The occupant of the third floor flat
243. Nick Carter's water trail; or, The strange hiding place of a millionaire
280. Nick Carter strikes oil; or, Uncovering more than a murderer