The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Carter, Nick

Pseudonym For: Coryell, John Russell, 1851-1924; Dey, Frederic Van Rensselaer, 1865-1922; Jenks, George C.

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Items with "Carter, Nick" as Credited Author

Far and Near Series

42. The American Marquis; or, Detective for Vengeance
50. A Woman's Hand; or, Detective Wit against Lawyer's Wiles

Magnet Library

18. The gamblers' syndicate : the story of a great swindle
1010. The gamblers' syndicate; or, The story of a great swindle

New York Weekly

The Crime of a Countess; or, The American Detective and the Russian Nihilist
No Alternative
A Titled Counterfeiter; or, The American Detective in France

Nick Carter Stories

Blood will tell, or, Nick Carter's play in politics
The blue veil, or, Nick Carter's torn trail
Broken bars, or, Nick Carter's speedy service
The call of death, or, Nick Carter's clever assistant
The clew of the white collar, or, Nick Carter on a twisted trail
The crime in the tower, or, Nick Carter's finger-print clew
The crime of the white hand, or, How Nick Carter worked it out
The Cross of Daggers; or, In the Lair of the Devil Worshipers
Driven from cover, or, Nick Carter's double ruse
The duplicate night, or, Nick Carter's double reflection
The edge of a crime, or, Nick Carter's trail of mercy
A fatal message, or, Nick Carter's slender clew
The forced crime, or, Nick Carter's brazen clew
Found in the jungle, or, Nick Carter's Siamese puzzle
The gambler's last hand; or, The little giant wins out
The girl kidnapper, or, Nick Carter's up-to-date clew
The Gordon elopement, or, Nick Carter's three of a kind
Half a million ransom, or, Nick Carter and the needy nine
The house of fear, or, Nick Carter's counterstroke
A human counterfeit, or, Nick Carter and the crooks double
The jewels of Wat Chang, or, Nick Carter and the Avenger
The man they held back; or, Nick Carter's other self
The mark of Cain, or, Nick Carter's air-line case
The mask of death, or, Nick Carter's curious case
The melting pot, or, Nick Carter and The Waldmere plate
The mystery of the crossed needles, or, Nick Carter and the yellow tong
A network of crime, or, Nick Carter's tangled skein
On death's trail, or, Nick Carter's strangest case
Paying the price, or, Nick Carter's perilous venture
The pirate yacht, or, Nick Carter's trail of diamonds
The pressing peril, or, Nick Carter and the star looters
The seal of Gijon, or, Nick Carter's ice-house fight
The secret of Shangore, or, Nick Carter among the spearmen
Six men in a loop, or, Nick Carter's twisted mystery
Straight to the goal, or, Nick Carter's queer challenge
The suicide, or, Nick Carter and the lost head
The Sultan's pearls, or, Nick Carter's Porto Rico trail
The traitors of the tropics, or, Nick Carter's royal flush
An uncanny revenge, or, Nick Carter and the mind murderer
An unsolved mystery, or, Nick Carter's government case
Won by magic, or, Nick Carter's mysterious ear

Nick Carter Weekly

The abduction syndicate, or, Nick Carter against the short interest
An anarchist plot, or, Nick Carter on a difficult trail
A bad man of Montana, or, Nick Carter's chase of an outlaw
The balloon tragedy, or, Nick Carter in extreme peril
A bargain with a thief, or, Nick Carter's wildest chase
A battle of wit and skill, or, Nick Carter meets with defiance
The brotherhood of Free Russia, or, Nick Carter's beautiful friend Olga
The case against Judge Bernard, or, How Nick Carter solved a judicial problem
The criminal trust, or, Nick Carter's mysterious client
The crystal mystery, or, Nick Carter and the magic eye
The dare-devil crook, or, Nick Carter finds a promising clue
The demons of the night, or, The terrors of the idol's cavern
The disappearance of Monsieur Gereaux, or, Nick Carter and the river pirates
A double-barreled puzzle, or, Patsy's big conundrum
Doctor Quartz, the second, or, Nick Carter and the freight car mystery
Eulalia, the bandit queen, or, Nick Carter's chase across the mountains
The Fatal Javelin; or, Nick Carter & Company at Work
The Great Spy System, or, Nick Carter's Promise to the President
An heiress to millions, or, Nick Carter's remarkable fee
The house of mystery, or, Nick Carter's strangest adventure
An international conspiracy, or, Nick Carter's second assistant in a new field
The island of fire, or, Nick Carter's weird experience
Kid Curry's last stand, or, Nick Carter in dangerous surroundings
The king's prisoner, or, Patsy plays a lone hand
The last of Mustushimi, or, Nick Carter's narrowest escape
The madness of Morgan, or, Nick Carter to the rescue
The man from Arizona, or, Nick Carter swims to victory
Mignon Duprez, the female spy, or, Patsy's fight for Adelina
Miguel, the avenger, or, Nick Carter among the Mexican bandits
The mysterious Mr. Peters, or, Nick Carter's unknown enemy
A mystery from the Klondike, or, Nick Carter's double-headed case
The mystery of the empty grave, or, Nick Carter's deal from a cold deck
The mystery-man of 7-Up Ranch, or, Nick Carter against the "Brown Chet" outfit
Nick Carter's land office, or, Outwitting a clever swindler
Nick Carter's submarine clue, or, The water ferret of the Chesapeake
The nihilist's second move, or, Nick Carter's timely interference
The order of the python, or, Nick Carter works the third degree
Pauline, a mystery, or, Nick Carter's swimming chase
Peters, the shrewd crook, or, Nick Carter's malignant foe
The plot of the Stantons, or, Nick Carter prevents the theft of a fortune
Plotters against a nation, or, The mystery of the perfumed handkerchief
The princess' last effort, or, Nick Carter wields a royal scepter
Ralph Bolton's double plot, or, Nick Carter's three assistants at work
A resourceful foe, or, Nick Carter defied
Returned from the grave, or, Nick Carter's legally-dead client
The secret of a private room, or, Nick Carter makes an experiment
Secrets of a haunted house, or, Nick Carter's fight with ghosts
The Senators' plot, or, Nick Carter's youngest client
A strange bargain, or, Nick Carter's dead-shot circus case
A strange coincidence, or, Patsy's lucky strike
A syndicate of crooks, or, Nick Carter's great prison plot
The tiger-tamer, or, Nick Carter's boldest strategy
The time-lock puzzle, or, Nick Carter's bank-vault case
The toils of a siren, or, Nick Carter's busiest day
Tried for his life, or, Patsy's terrible ordeal
The two lost Chittendens, or, Nick Carter's clue by cable
Under the flag of chance, or, Nick Carter's phenomenal stock deal
A White House mystery, or, Nick Carter's case for the president
A woman at bay, or, Nick Carter's great burglary case
A woman of plots, or, Nick Carter's cleverest countermove
The yellow beryl, or, Patsy brings a high roller to book
8. Trim's troublesome tiger, or, How his prisoner escaped the gallows
9. Trim in Cape Town, or, The man with a strange limp
11. Trim in the wilds, or, Hunting a criminal on the dark continent
15. Trim's round up in Detroit, or, A long chase ended in a hurry
17. Trim in Cincinnati, or, Following a bogus clue
18. Trim's secret mission, or, A green countryman in town
22. Trim in Mexico, or, Breaking up a secret society
23. Trim in the crescent city, or, The break in the levee
24. Trim's run of luck, or, A case concluded ahead of time
27. Trim in Kansas City, or, The detective's experiment in second sight
28. Nick Carter at the track, or, How he became a dead game sport
31. Trim's electric machine, or, The man who had charge of the office
33. Trim turns professor and teaches a lesson to a queer pupil
37. Nick Carter does his best, or, A fortune in the balance
38. Trim behind the footlights, or, The hold-up at the casino
39. In Nick Carter's hands, or, A fool and his money soon parted
40. Nick Carter's detective school, or, The young reporter's first case
48. Nick Carter's newsboy friend, or, The great Sandoval mystery
53. A hidden clue, or, The mystery of the black sack
57. Done with a click, or, The mystery of the painted arm
72. Bob Ferret's pass-word, or, The chase of the gold ship
78. The living target, or, Jack Burton's friend for life
80. On the back of a turtle, or, Bob Ferret and the "big mitt" men
82. Roxy's mid air rescue, or, A diamond mine in a mummy's head
84. The skeleton hand, or, The dumb shadowers of Nick Carter's detective school
105. A lightning change crook, or, A catch that pleased the inspector
109. Held up in Chicago, or, A new system of keeping books
111. A scientific forger, or, The great bank swindle
112. The high power burglars, or, Behind the broken wall
113. Found at low tide, or, The body in the pool
121. Out of the devil's clutches, or, Nick Carter's new friend
126. Set on fire, or, Nick Carter's bravery
129. Nick Carter's mascot, or, Treachery among the thieves
141. Nick Carter on the limited, or, The man in the smoker who didn't smoke
142. Nick Carter meets a wizard and shows him a new trick
149. Nick Carter exchanges prisoners, or, A likeness easily explained
155. Nick Carter's curious client, or, A criminal with more gall than sense
156. Nick Carter's silent search, or, A drive at a fake detective
157. Nick Carter as an expert, or, A battery that was tampered with
163. Nick Carter jumps a train and takes big chances
165. Nick Carter in a hole, or, A plan to catch him that didn't work
169. Unmasked by Nick Carter, or, An attempt at blackmail
170. Caught by electricity, or, Nick Carter bags an old offender
171. Nick Carter's little shadow, or, The man with the yellow dog
172. Burglar Joe, or, Nick Carter's leap in the dark
177. Nick Carter's dumb assistant, or, The man with a dead brain
179. Nick Carter's beautiful decoy, or, The diamond duke of Chicago
182. The blood-stained check, or, Nick Carter in the dissecting room
183. Saved from the penitentiary, or, Three cheers for Nick Carter
184. Shielding a murderer, or, Nick Carter's dealings with an avenger
185. Nick Carter saves a reputation, or, A button worth a fortune
186. Nick Carter rescues a daughter, or, The junior partner's strange behavior
187. The best detective in the country, or, A prompt reply to a telegram
188. Nick Carter at the races, or, Two kinds of a lead pipe cinch
189. Nick Carter's proofs, or, Bad news for the guilty
190. Nick Carter's slippery quarry, or, The case against Frisco Jim
194. Nick Carter on the Bowery, or, A crippled cracksman's detection
197. The little glass vial, or, A beautiful blackmailer brought to bay
198. Nick Carter under the knife, or, The little giant among the body-snatchers
199. Nick Carter and the forest fires, or, A nest of vipers burned out
203. Pardoned by the president, or, Nick Carter at the United States Treasury
204. Tracked to Union Station, or, The celebrated St. Louis mystery
205. The passenger in the lower berth, or, A startling disappearance from a railroad sleeping-car
207. The hole in the bank, or, Nick Carter's campaign against "Capt. Gold"
208. Saved from the flames, or, Nick Carter at Mystic Vale Crematory
211. Run down in Toronto, or, Nick Carter's work for a friend
212. The wizard of the cue, or, Nick Carter and the pool room case
213. A swindler in petticoats, or, Nick Carter's pretty prisoner
216. A confession by mistake, or, A helping hand to an unwilling prisoner
222. Nick Carter's newsboy friend, or, The great Sandoval mystery
223. Working in the dark, or, A novice lends a helping hand
225. Done with a click, or, The mystery of the painted arm
234. Nick Carter's night off, or, Hot work with a volunteer assistant
261. Nick Carter's Adventures: Nick Carter on the Track of a Gentleman Burglar; or, Robbing a Thief
263. Nick Carter's Adventures: Nick Carter on the Trail of the River Pirates, or, The Dangerous Work on the River Front
266. Nick Carter's Adventures: Nick Carter and the Shop Lifters
267. Nick Carter's ocean chase, or, The missing crown diamond
268. Nick Carter and the broken dagger, or, The black man from Borneo
269. Nick Carter's advertisement, or, A new way to catch a criminal
275. Nick Carter's enemy, or, Bringing a murderer to the gallows
277. Nick Carter and the professor, or, Solving a scientific problem
278. Nick Carter as a mill hand, or, The Fall River murder mystery revealed
279. Nick Carter and the kidnapped heiress, or, The recovery of a great ransom
284. Nick Carter and the thirteen club, or, Trailing a triple murderer
286. Nick Carter's Pullman Plot; or, Following a Chance Clew
291. Nick Carter and the snake brooch, or, Making a startling discovery
293. Nick Carter's ghastly find, or, Sleuthing in the Dutch Mountains
294. Nick Carter's handicap, or, Victory won in a canter
312. Nick Carter among the hotel thieves, or, The great jewel robbery
316. Nick Carter's cigarette clue, or, "Salted" for a million
319. Nick Carter and the murderess, or, Tracked by a trail of blood
324. Nick Carter and the stolen duchess; or, The quick work of one night
325. Nick Carter and Keno M'Call, or, The fate of a stool pigeon
328. Nick Carter's three-cornered chase, or, How Patsy looped the loop
329. Nick Carter's clever capture, or, The tip that didn't work
348. Nick Carter's battle against odds, or, The mystery of the Detroit pawnbroker
349. Nick Carter on his mettle, or, The trapping of Cool Kate
352. Nick Carter and the Langworthy treasure, or, The strange doings at the ruined fort
353. Nick Carter forging the fetters, or, The outwitting of a clever villain
360. Nick Carter and the Missing Jewels; or, A Tale of Uncertain Clews
361. Nick Carter's great success, or, The hunting down of insurance frauds
365. Nick Carter's three perils, or, A story of hypnotic power
366. Nick Carter in the hidden chamber, or, The hunt for the lost millionaire
367. Nick Carter's suicide mystery, or, Playing a master stroke
368. Nick Carter and the grave vandals, or, The mystery of St. Paul's churchyard
369. Nick Carter and the Nebraska outlaws, or, Playing a desperate game
373. The queen of the seven, or, Nick Carter and the beautiful sorceress
376. The Cross of Daggers; or, In the Lair of the Devil Worshipers
378. Ten-Ichi, the wonderful, or, Nick Carter's greatest find
379. The mystery of the Mikado, or, Nick Carter in Japan
380. An emperor at bay, or, Nick Carter defies the czar
381. The crime behind the throne, or, Nick Carter and the palace mystery
382. Holding up a nation, or, The little giant rules the world
383. Kidnapped in broad daylight, or, Nick Carter on his own trail
385. The secret order of associated crooks, or, The confederated criminal trust
386. When aces were trumps; or, A hard game to play
387. The gambler's last hand; or, The little giant wins out
388. The murder at Linden Fells, or, The mystery of the cadillac needle
389. Mercedes Danton's double, or, A plot for many millions
390. The millionaire's nemesis, or, Paul Rogers' oath of vengeance
391. A princess of the underworld, or, The mysterious burglary at Lake View
392. A queen of her kind, or, A beautiful woman's nerve
393. Isabel Benton's trump card, or, A desperate play to win
394. A princess of Hades, or, The reappearance of Dazaar
395. A compact with Dazaar, or, The devil worshipers' den
396. In the shadow of Dazaar, or, At the mercy of vampires
397. The crime of a money king, or, The battle of the magnates
398. The terrible game of millions, or, Tracking down the plotters
399. A dead man's power, or, The mystery of a telephone number
401. The house with the open door, or, The double crime of Madison Avenue
402. The society of assassination, or, The detective's double disguise
403. The brotherhood of the crossed swords, or, The little giant's mighty task
404. The trail of the vampire, or, The mysterious crimes of Prospect Park
406. The captain of the vampire, or, The smugglers of the deep sea
407. A bank president's plot, or, Three villains of a stripe
408. The master criminal, or, With the devil in his eye
410. Inez, the mysterious, or, The master criminal's mascot
412. The point of a dagger, or, The criminal queen's madness
413. Dr. Quartz, the second, or, The great freight car mystery
414. Dr. Quartz II. at bay, or, A man of iron nerve
415. The Great Hotel Murders; or, Dr. Quartz's Quick Move
416. Zanoni, the Woman Wizard; or, The ward of Dr. Quartz
417. The woman wizard's hate, or, A dangerous foe
418. The prison demon, or, The ghost of Dr. Quartz
419. Nick Carter and the hangman's noose, or, Dr. Quartz on earth again
420. Dr. Quartz's last play, or, A hand with a royal flush
421. Zanoni, the transfigured, or, Nick Carter's phantom mascot
422. By command of the czar, or, Nick Carter's boldest defiance
423. The conspiracy of an empire, or, Nick Carter's bravest act
424. A queen of vengeance, or, Nick Carter's beautiful nemesis
425. Daring Dan, the human mystery, or, Nick Carter's smoothest foe
426. Dan Derrington's double, or, Nick Carter's terrible test
427. The great gold swindle, or, The little giant's masterpiece
428. An East River mystery, or, Nick Carter's daring leap
429. The phantom highwayman, or, Nick Carter's slender clue
432. Nick Carter's convict enemy, or, The power that makes men tremble
433. The pirate of the sound, or, Nick Carter's midnight swim
434. The cruise of the Shadow; or, Nick Carter's ocean chase
438. The crime of the Potomac, or, Nick Carter and the telltale finger marks
442. A clever grab, or, Nick Carter's worst worry
443. The mystery of the front room, or, Nick Carter's marvelous work
448. The Quexel tragedy, or, Nick Carter's midnight message
449. The curse of the Quexels, or, The ghost of a murdered beauty
450. Missing! a sack of gold, or, Nick Carter and the express office mystery
451. The great cathedral mystery, or, Nick Carter's complicated case
453. The pear-shaped diamonds, or, Nick Carter's most delicate task
456. The compact of death, or, Nick Carter's singed hair clew
457. The rajah's revenge, or, Nick Carter's bold attack
458. A tragedy of the sea, or, Nick Carter's desperate fight
461. Nick Carter's strange power, or, The great jewel scandal
462. Nick Carter and the Marixburg affair, or, Foiling a great conspiracy
463. The millionaire cracksman, or, Nick Carter's mascot case
465. Scylla, the sea robber, or, Nick Carter and the queen of sirens
466. The beautiful pirate of Oyster Bay, or, Nick Carter's strangest adventure
472. The black hand's nemesis, or, One against a hundred and one
473. An expert in craft, or, Nick Carter and the jewel thieves
474. Nick Carter's terrible experience, or, The strange crime of the limited sleeper
476. Diana, the arch-demon, or, Nick Carter's run of luck
477. Captain Satan, the unknown, or, Nick Carter's great mistake
478. A wizard of the highway, or, Nick Carter's test of faith
479. Abducted in broad day, or, Nick Carter's duplicate prisoner
481. The padlocked mystery, or, Nick Carter and the death-trap plot
482. Dema, the dangerous, or, Nick Carter's chase to Paris
483. Nick Carter's murder problem, or, A hide-and-seek game with the dead
484. A battle among the clouds, or, Nick Carter's criminal client
486. The conquest of a kingdom, or, Nick Carter's fight for a throne
489. Nick Carter's foxy adversary, or, The lures of the bird of paradise
490. Three times in peril, or, Nick Carter's busiest night
491. The gold-lettered dagger, or, Nick Carter's most tragic case
492. That mysterious affair, or, Chick's wonderful twelve hours work
493. A dead guardian of millions, or, Nick Carter uncovers a mystery
494. The mysterious treasure hunters, or, Nick Carter's bargain with a crook
495. The Klondike bank puzzle, or, Nick Carter's narrow escape
496. The "bad man" of Nome, or, Nick Carter's hunt in Alaska
497. The black flag of piracy, or, Nick Carter's daring venture
498. Following an ocean trail, or, Nick Carter's chase after pirates
499. A clue from the clouds, or, Nick Carter's mysterious evidence
500. Praxatel, of the iron arm, or, Nick Carter follows an open trail
501. The man from Montana, or, Nick Carter and the cavern of gold
502. Ismalla, the chieftain, or, Nick Carter among the barbarians
503. Nick Carter's earthquake clue, or, Amid falling walls in San Francisco
504. Nick Carter among the "bad men," or, The mystery of Injun Pete
505. The man of many faces, or, Nick Carter behind the scenes
506. A letter from the dead, or, Nick Carter's proudest moment
507. Bare faced Jimmy, gentleman burglar, or, Nick Carter's amazing experiment
508. The gentleman crook's last act, or, Nick Carter and the haunted island
509. The "skidoo" of the K.U. & T., or, Nick Carter's great train robbery case
510. The last of the outlaws, or, How Nick Carter stopped the "cannon ball"
511. Nick Carter's twin mystery, or, The secret of the green automobile
512. A battle of wits, or, Nick Carter's fight for life
513. A game of five millions, or, Nick Carter's fight with a fiend
514. Codman, the poisoner, or, Nick Carter's strangest experience
515. The plot of the poisoner, or, Nick Carter's hairbreadth escape
516. The mechanical giant, or, Nick Carter's assistant, Ten-Ichi, plays a lone hand
517. Doris, the unknown, or, Nick Carter's blindfold mystery
518. A dangerous woman, or, Nick Carter faces a crisis
519. Madge Morley's ghost, or, Nick Carter's desperate flight
520. An automobile mystery, or, Nick Carter's bloodhound on the scent
521. The mysterious stranger, or, Nick Carter's complex case
522. The white arm of a woman, or, Nick Carter's desperate chase
523. The man in the doorway, or, Nick Carter's conquest of a castle
524. The plot of the baron, or, Nick Carter's telling strategy
525. The passenger on the night local, or, Nick Carter's perfect disguise
526. A double mystery, or Nick Carter's strong-hand play
527. Clarice, the countess, or, Nick Carter's motor boat case
528. Clarice, the woman detective, or, Nick Carter's titled assistant
529. The index of seven stars, or, Nick Carter finds the hidden city
530. An Amazonian queen, or, Nick Carter becomes a gladiator
532. Gipsy Madge, the blackmailer, or, Nick Carter's first-class bluff
533. Facing an unseen terror, or, Nick Carter's day of blunders
534. Idayah, the woman of mystery, or, Nick Carter's fourfold problem
535. The making of a king, or, Nick Carter faces his greatest mystery
537. Zanabayah, the terrible, or, Nick Carter's struggle with the Vitic king
538. The seven-headed monster, or, Nick Carter's midnight caller
539. The woman of the mask, or, Nick Carter's quadruple mystery
540. The masked woman's daring plot, or, Nick Carter springs a surprise
541. Hobo Harry the beggar king, or, Nick Carter downs the yeggmen
542. Black Madge's hobo gang, or, Nick Carter and the yeggmen's queen
543. Black Madge's vengeance, or, Nick Carter's crafty foe
544. A tragedy of the footlights, or, Nick Carter and the temple of vice
545. The Maynard woman's double, or, Patsy's terrific brain storm
546. Three against fifteen, or, Patsy's splendid strategy
547. A mystery of two passengers, or, Nick Carter prevents a great crime
548. A dead man at the feast, or, Nick Carter's very slender clue
549. The house of secrets, or, Nick Carter's midnight vigil
550. The lost bank president, or, Nick Carter takes a great big chance
559. A beautiful anarchist, or, Nick Carter's bravest act
566. A mystery in India ink, or, Nick Carter in search of a secret
576. The dead man on the roof, or, Nick Carter clears an honored name
578. An automobile duel, or, Nick Carter and his best friend work together
579. Jasper Ryan's countermove, or, Patsy's remarkable compact
583. A mystery of high society, or, Nick Carter's tangled puzzle
584. A million dollars reward, or, Nick Carter's process of induction
585. The signal of seven shots, or, Nick Carter's struggle for his life
586. The "shadow," or, Nick Carter's mysterious pursuer
587. A dead man's secret, or, Nick Carter's search for counterfeit plates
588. A victim of magic, or, Nick Carter's struggle with a human tiger
589. A plot within a palace, or, Nick Carter's royal client
590. The Countess Zita's defense, or, Nick Carter in the palace of a king
598. Patsy's vacation problem, or, Nick Carter's assistant in a king's service
602. Talika, the geisha girl, or, Nick Carter's Japanese rival
603. By order of the emperor, or, Nick Carter's special bodyguard
610. Nick Carter's strangest case, or, The hacienda plot
611. The Stolen Treasure; or, Nick Carter's Adventures in a Mysterious Castle
615. A million-dollar hold-up, or, Nick Carter after the train robbers
621. The ghost of Nick Carter, or, The secret of the second sight seer
625. A millionaire swindler, or, Nick Carter's exposure of a stupendous scheme
626. The money schemers, or, Nick Carter after the confidence king
636. The haunted circus, or, Nick Carter lays a ghost
640. The message in blue, or, Nick Carter's clue to a vast conspiracy
642. The detective's disappearance, or, Nick Carter is saved by Adelina
643. The midnight marauders, or, Nick Carter's telephone mystery
644. The child of the jungle, or, Nick Carter's ingenious ruse
645. Nick Carter's satanic enemy, or, The case of the easy mark
646. Three times stolen, or, Nick Carter's strange clue
647. The great diamond syndicate, or, Nick Carter's cleverest foes
648. The house of the yellow door, or, Nick Carter in the old French Quarter
651. The affair of the missing bonds, or, Nick Carter in the harness
652. The green box clue, or, Nick Carter's good friend
653. The taxicab mystery, or, Nick Carter closes a deal
654. The mystery of a hotel room, or, Nick Carter's best work
658. A masterly trick, or, Chick and the beautiful Italian
660. Castor, the poisoner, or, Nick Carter wins a man
663. Four scraps of paper, or, Nick Carter's Coney Island search
666. Nick Carter's master struggle, or, The battle with the man-monkey
667. The airshaft spectre, or, Nick Carter's shrewd surmise
670. The man with the missing thumb, or, Nick Carter's chance discovery
672. A night with Nick Carter, or, The kid-gloved case
673. In the nick of time, or, Carter finishes the Feltman syndicate
674. The dictator's treasure, or, Nick Carter nips the Hondurian plotters
676. Behind the mask, or, Nick Carter and the queen of the Mardi Gras
678. The drab thread, or, Nick Carter solves the mystery of room 313
679. A live wire clue, or, Nick Carter and the Badmington case
680. The vampire's prey, or, Nick Carter's blow at policy
681. The policy king baffled, or, Nick Carter's dazzling move
684. Trailing a scarlet thread, or, Nick Carter's deathwatch
686. A puzzle of identities, or, Nick Carter solving a strange problem
695. The prison cipher, or, Nick Carter and the mysterious substitute
698. The master crook's match, or, Nick Carter on his mettle
709. The bolt from the blue, or, Nick Carter and the dream stone
714. The taxicab riddle, or, Nick Carter's second assistant
719. The dead letter, or, Nick Carter's postal clue
728. The mummy's head, or, Nick Carter's Egyptian mystery
737. The mark of a circle, or, Nick Carter's seven sworn enemies
741. The green scarab, or, Nick Carter's beautiful mystery
743. A shot in the dark, or, Nick Carter's midnight adventure
745. The Hidden Crime; or, Nick Carter's Telephone Clew
746. The secret entrance, or, Nick Carter and the child stealers
747. The cavern mystery, or, Nick Carter's puzzle of the leather bag
759. The antique vial, or, Nick Carter's curious mystery
769. The midnight message, or, Nick Carter and the mountain mystery
772. A royal flush, or, Nick Carter's pursuit of a living mystery
794. Doctor Quartz's last play; or, Nick Carter's perilous plight
804. Jack Wise's hurry call, or, Nick Carter youngest assistant gets busy
807. Nick Carter's advertisement, or, A new way to catch a criminal
808. The Kregoff necklace, or, Nick Carter unearths a secret
811. Nick Carter and the nihilists, or, The mine under the grand duke's palace

Secret Service Series

17. The Old Detective's Pupil

Shield Series

6. A Woman's Hand; or, Detective Wit against Lawyer's Wiles
11. The gamblers' syndicate : the story of a great swindle
13. The American Marquis; or, Detective for Vengeance