The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Forrest, Frank

Pseudonym For: Doughty, Francis Worcester, -1917; Enton, Harry, 1854-1927; Gordon, James A., General

Pseudonyms: Arnold, Allan; Bertrew, Berton; Draper, Allyn; Garne, Gaston; Merritt, James C.; Montgomery, Richard R.; Old Scout

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Items with "Forrest, Frank" as Credited Author

The Banner Weekly

The Little Tom-Cat

The Boys of New York Pocket Library

25. Mail Train Matt, The King of the Engineers
44. Abandoned at Sea
46. Night Express Ned; or, Running the Night Express
58. A Secret Foe

The Boys of New York

The Prince of Rockdale School; or, A Fight for a Railroad

The Boys' Star Library

20. Abandoned at Sea
30. Night Express Ned; or, Running the Night Express
36. Mail Train Matt, The King of the Engineers
204. A Secret Foe
233. Kit Carson's Kit; or, The Young Army Scout
265. Adrift in a Balloon. A Romance of South America
284. The Rival Schools; or, Fighting for the Championship

Happy Days

Bonnie Prince Hal; or, The Pride of the A. C. I.
The Boy in the Box; or, The Mystery of Train Number Thirty
The Boy Mayor; or, Building Up a Town
The Boy Railroad King; or, Working His Way to the Top
The Boyhood Days of Pawnee Bill; or, From the School-Room to the Frontier: The True Story of the Famous White Chief of the Pawnee Nation
The Boys in Blue; or, The Football Champions of Cherryville
The Camping Out Club; or, New York Boys in the Wild Woods: A Story of Adventures
Dan and His Double; or, The Church Under the River
Dick "I Will;" or, The Plucky Fight of a Boy Orphan
Dick, the Half-Breed; or, The Trail of the Indian Chief
The Gallant Trooper; or, Fighting for Uncle Sam: A Story of the Indian Uprising in 1876
In Ebony Land; or, A Yankee Boy in Abyssinia
In Peril of Pontiac; or, The Boys of the Frontier Fort: A Story of the Indian Chief's Great Conspiracy
Jack Gentleman; or, Turned Out of School
Loyal to the Last; or, Fighting for the Stars and Stripes: A Story of the Late Rebellion
Lucky Dick Golden; or, The Boy Miners of Placer Creek
A Modern Paul Revere; or, How a Wrong was Avenged
The Mountain Queen; or, A Fair Bandit
Pawnee Bill in Oklahoma; or, Fighting with the White Chief
The Rob Roys; or, Bold Bob, the Captain of the Team
Sam and His Shadow; or, The Mystery of the Other Boy
Steve and the Spanish Spies; or, Working for Cuba's Cause: A True Story of the Present Time
Van, the Gypsy; or, Lochinvar Up-to-Date
Young Admiral Dewey; or, The Rival Steamboats of Long Lake

Pluck and Luck

263. The Rival Schools; or, Fighting for the Championship
1064. The Rival Schools; or, Fighting for the Championship

Wide Awake Weekly

137. Dick Daresome's Schooldays; or, The Victory of the New Boy
138. Dick Daresome and the Midnight Hazers; or, Turning the Tables on His Enemies
139. Dick Daresome's Bold Rescue; or, Saving the Academy Girls
140. Dick Daresome and the Burglars; or, Risking His Life for a Room-mate
141. Dick Daresome Missing; or, The Academy Girls to the Rescue
142. Dick Daresome's Fight for Honor; or, Clearing a School Suspicion
143. Dick Daresome's Quarrel; or, Showing Up a Coward
144. Dick Daresome's Fatal Error; or, Trapped by an Envious School-Mate
145. Dick Daresome's Ice Victory; or, Skating a Race Against Death
146. Dick Daresome's Struggle for Leadership; or, Getting Ahead of His Rivals
147. Dick Daresome's "Flying Gull"; or, Winning the Ice-Boat Contest
148. Dick Daresome and the Village Toughs; or, A Battle Against Odds
149. Dick Daresome's Hockey League; or, Winning Out for Merrivale
150. Dick Daresome's Man Hunt; or, A Ten-Mile Chase after Robbers
151. Dick Daresome's Dark Days; or, Tricked by a Boy's Deceit
152. Dick Daresome's Wild Toboggan Ride; or, Daring Sport on the Mountain Side
153. Dick Daresome and the Lynchers; or, The Fight for an Innocent Man
154. Dick Daresome Hunted Down; or, Caught in the Clutches of the "Night Caps"
155. Dick Daresome's Cross Country Run; or, Winning Out by a Head
156. Dick Daresome's Perilous Swim; or, A Daring Rescue from the Whirlpool
157. Dick Daresome's Lost Cause; or, Queered by His Belleville Rival
158. Dick Daresome's champion Pitching; or, Saving the Day for Merrivale
159. Dick Daresome's Rowing Match; or, The Prize Oarsman of Merrivale
160. Dick Daresome's Mistake; or, Losing a Game to Belleville
161. Dick Daresome's Shooting Match; or, The Prize Score of the Academy
162. Dick Daresome and the Gipsy King; or, Saving His Sweetheart
163. Dick Daresome in Camp; or, In the Woods with His School
164. Dick Daresome's Summer Baseball Nine; or, New Victories for Merrivale
165. Dick Daresome's Canoe Race; or, Paddling for the Championship
166. Dick Daresome and the Old Hermit; or, A Struggle with a Maniac
167. Dick Daresome's Hunting Trip; or, Rivalry with Rod and Gun
168. Dick Daresome and the Lumbermen; or, Rescued from a Log Jam

Young Men of America

Adrift in a Balloon. A Romance of South America
Around the World on Cheek
In the Secret Service; or, The Young Counterfeiters of the West
Kit Carson's Kit; or, The Young Army Scout
The Rival Schools; or, Fighting for the Championship
San Francisco Sam