The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Draper, Allyn

Pseudonym For: Doughty, Francis Worcester, -1917

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Items with "Draper, Allyn" as Credited Author

Boys of New York

Adrift in the Treetops
The Armorer's Son; or, The Mystery of the Tower of London
The Black Privateer; or, Out with a Slave Ship
Bob Freeland's Schooldays; or, The Mystery of Rockmount Abbey
The Boy Editor; or, The Struggles of a Brave Orphant
Buffalo Bill, Jr. and His Band of Dead Shots. A Story of Border Life
By Command of the King. An Historical Romance
The Captain of the Guard; or, The Mysterious Horseman
The Cavern of Fire; or, The Thrilling Adventures of Professor Hardcastle and Jack Merton, Which Followed the Discovery of the Strange Manuscript in the Iron Chest
Conrad, the Cossack; or, The Young Hero of the Blue Danube. A Thrilling Romance of Barbaric Russia in the Early Reign of Peter, the Great
The Cowled Eleven; or, The Hunchback of Old St. Paul's
Harry Delamain; or, Strike for the King
Lost in the Air
The Man in the Iron Cage; or, Which Was the Boy?
Pablo, the Gipsy
The Secret League. A Story of Ireland's Troublesome Days
The Secret of Golden Rock
Silver Sam of Santa Fe; or, The Lion's Treasure Cave. A Story of 1862. From the Memoranda of an Ex Lieut. Colonel of the U.S. Army
Sinbad of St. Helena; or, For the Rescue of the Great Emperor
The Ten Boy Scouts. A Story of the Wild West
Tom Topp; or, Fighting Against Fiends. A Romance of India

The Boys of New York Pocket Library

13. Jolly Jack, the Rover; or, The Last Voyage of the "Phantom Ship"
164. The Black Diamond. A Story of Cuba's Struggle

Boys' Star Library

29. Jolly Jack, the Rover; or, The Last Voyage of the "Phantom Ship"
129. The Black Diamond. A Story of Cuba's Struggle

Pluck and Luck

100 feet above the housetops, or, The mystery of the old church steeple
Ben's brother, or, The brightest boy in town
Dick, "I will," or, The plucky fight of a boy orphan
A Monte Cristo at 18; or, From Slave to Avenger
Nameless Nat, or, A millionaire in rags
The Richest Boy in the World; or, The Wonderful Adventures of a Young American
Rob Rollstone, or, The boy gold hunters of the Philippines
The Swamp Doctor, or, The man witch
Worth a million, or, A boy's fight for justice
144. Young Captain Rock; or, The First of the Whiteboys
263. The Rival Schools; or, Fighting for the Championship
286. Dead for 5 years, or, The mystery of a madhouse

Wide Awake Library

1032. Tom Topp, or, Fighting against fiends
1140. Adrift in the Treetops
1324. Buffalo Bill, Jr., and his band of dead shots