The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Williams, Gus, 1847-1915

Pseudonym For: Hanshew, Thomas W., 1857-1914

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Items with "Williams, Gus, 1847-1915" as Credited Author

Beadle's Half-Dime Singer's Library

Miss Gruber's Boarding House
My Vife is so Awfully Thin
See That My Grave's Kept Green

Boys of New York

"7"; or, Dismal Swamp. A Story of the Great South
The Actor's Son. A Story of Trials and Triumphs on and off the Stage
Billy Bender; or, The Ventriloquist Detective
The Black Mask; or, Vagabond Johnny
Bob, the Waif. A Story of Life in New York
A Captain at 16; or, The Lone Grave on the Island
The German Boy Spy. A Romance of the Great Franco-Prussian War
Jack Snap; or, Rivals to the Death
Joe Dodger, the Boy Ventriloquist
Joe, the Actor's Boy; or, Famous at Fourteen
Nameless Nat; or, A Millionaire in Rags. The Thrilling Story of a Poor Boy's Strange Adventures
A New York Boy out with Stanley, or, A Journey Through Africa
One of the Finest
Rob, the Runaway; or, From Office Boy to Partner
Robinson Crusoe, Jr
Roddy, the Call Boy; or, Born to Be an Actor
The Seven Charmed Bullets; or, The Secret of the Wolf's Glen
Valentine Vox Jr., the Boy Ventriloquist; or, From the Street to the Stage

The Boys of New York Pocket Library

11. American Robinson Crusoe; or, The Wreck of the "Hurricane"

The Boys' Own (Richards)

Bart Bowles, the Bootblack
The Spectre of El Paso

Boys' Star Library

5. American Robinson Crusoe; or, The Wreck of the "Hurricane"

Pluck and Luck

Roddy, the Call Boy; or, Born to Be an Actor

Wide Awake Library

As Dutch as sour krout
Dot boy Fritz
Hans' Christmas
1045. "7" of dismal swamp
1130. The actor's son
1261. Joe Dodger, the Boy Ventriloquist
1332. The actor's son