The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Clyde, Kit

Pseudonym For: Senarens, Luis, 1863-1939

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Items with "Clyde, Kit" as Credited Author

The accusing hand (1 edition)
An adventure with wolves (1 edition)
An Arizona romance (1 edition)
At the eleventh hour (1 edition)
The bank watchman's story (1 edition)
Behind the curtain (1 edition)
Beset by three desperate burglars (1 edition)
The Boy Canoeist; or, Over 1,000 Miles in a Canoe (8 editions)
The Boy Cavalry Scout; or, Life in the Saddle. A Thrilling Story of the Civil War (8 editions)
Branded a Deserter; or, The Boy Rivals in Love and War (8 editions)
A Brave Drummer Boy; or, The Fate of a Young Marine (3 editions)
Captured at last (1 edition)
Caught, like a rat in a trap (1 edition)
A combat in the dark (2 editions)
The convict's daughter (2 editions)
The Cuban's revenge (1 edition)
Dead for Five Years (8 editions)
Dead man's reef (1 edition)
The Death Beacon; or, A Sailor Boy's Stratagem (4 editions)
A desperate deed (1 edition)
The doomed brothers, or, A son's revenge (1 edition)
A face at the window (1 edition)
The fair castaway (1 edition)
A faithful hindoo (1 edition)
Fighting Joe, or, The game man of the plains (1 edition)
Fighting with Washington; or, The Boy Regiment of the Revolution (8 editions)
A forest adventure (1 edition)
Fox-Cap, the Friend of Daniel Boone (2 editions)
Frank Fair in Congress; or, A Boy among the Lawmakers. A Thrilling Story of Washington (8 editions)
From Cowboy to Congressman; or, The Rise of a Young Ranchman (10 editions)
The frontiersman's escape (1 edition)
The Gipsy's Son; or, The Double Life (9 editions)
The gold fiend (1 edition)
Hearts and diamonds (2 editions)
The hermit (1 edition)
How he robbed a burglar (1 edition)
In a whirlpool (1 edition)
Jack's lesson (1 edition)
The lacy jewels (1 edition)
The Land of Gold; or, Yankee Jack's Adventures in Early Australia (10 editions)
Lasso Luke, or, The three prairie pards (1 edition)
The lighthouse on the rock (1 edition)
Little Jack's death shot (1 edition)
The lone hut (2 editions)
Long-Paw, the mysterious hunter (2 editions)
Lost in the Flood; or, Two Boys in the Terrible Johnstown Disaster (9 editions)
Lost in the Great Basin; or, The Wonderful Underground City. A Thrilling Story of the Marvels of the Wild West (9 editions)
Love in the holidays (1 edition)
Mad Matt (1 edition)
A madman's freak (1 edition)
The maniac's victim (1 edition)
The mate's reward (1 edition)
A mutual mistake (1 edition)
The Mystery of Hazelwood Manor (1 edition)
A narrow escape (1 edition)
The nihilist's doom (1 edition)
North Woods Tom, the athlete hunter (1 edition)
Old Graham's gold (1 edition)
Ollie, the Office Boy; or, The Struggles of a Poor Waif (8 editions)
On a Sinking Island (8 editions)
The renegade's fate (2 editions)
The Rivals of Roundtop Academy; or, Missing from School (8 editions)
Sandy Blythe's murder (1 edition)
Saved just in time (1 edition)
The School Boy Explorers; or, Among the Ruins of Yucatan (8 editions)
The silver key (1 edition)
The tale of the tanks (1 edition)
A telltale vision (2 editions)
They were all ready for the pirates (1 edition)
Thirteen at table (1 edition)
Twenty Years on an Island; or, The Story of a Castaway (11 editions)
Two fights for life (1 edition)
The two foundlings (1 edition)
Up from the Ranks; or, From Corporal to General. A Story of the Creat Rebellion (7 editions)
The witch of the glen (1 edition)
Within sight of the Matterhorn (2 editions)
Wreckers and Smugglers; or, The Secret of the Red Stone (34 editions)
The young herder (1 edition)
The Young Monte Cristo; or, Back to the World for Vengeance (9 editions)
The young trapper (1 edition)