The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - DeVere, Howard

Pseudonym For: Van Orden, William Howard, 1816?-1894?

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Items with "DeVere, Howard" as Credited Author

Note: This list is sorted by the earliest known dated edition for each title; earlier editions may exist.

Date Unknown

Tripp, the Tramp; or, A Strange Story Strangely Told


The Boy Firemen; or, Stand by the Machine


On Deck; or, The Boy Pilot of Lake Erie
A Trip to the Center of the Earth


Locomotive Fred; or, Life on the Railroad
The Moonshiners; or, The Whiskey Run at Devil's Peak
The Rival Boat Clubs; or, The Boss School at Beechwood
Satan; or, The Mystery of Ten Years


Hook and Ladder No. 2
Old Sixty-Nine; or, The Prince of Engineers
Torpedo Tom; or, What a Yankee Can Do
The Wolf Men of Minnesota


The Boy Pilot of Lake Michigan
Hook and Ladder No. 6; or, The Best Firemen in Town
The Little Demon; or, Plotting Against the Czar


The Little Wonder; or, The Adventures of an American Boy


Joe, the Gymnast; or, Three Years among the Japs


Eighteen Diamond Eyes; or, The Hine-Headed Idol


Give Him a Chance; or, How Tom Curtis Won His Way. A True Story of an Orphan Boy's Pluck and Luck
No. 77; or, The Boy of the Transport Ship. A Thrilling Story of Strange Adventures at the Antipodes


The Transient Island; or, Cast Away in the South Seas


The Demon of the Deep; or, Above and Beneath the Sea
A New York Working Boy; or, A Fight for a Fortune


The young engineer, or, Fighting against odds