The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Manning, William H. (William Henry), 1852-1929

Pseudonyms: Pierce, Jo, 1852-1929; St. Vrain, E. L., 1852-1929; Waring, Marcus H., 1852-1929; Wilton, Mark, 1852-1929

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Items with "Manning, William H. (William Henry), 1852-1929" as Cited Author

The American Library (American Library Co.)

18. Blacklaw, the Rover; or, Mystery of Eagle Rock. A Story of Ship and Shore

Items with "Manning, William H. (William Henry), 1852-1929" as Credited Author

The Banner Weekly

Ben Bithers' Alligator Pool
"Consultin' The Parson"
The Deacon's Chinaman
The Passing of Our Feet
The Passing Of Our Street
The Stains Upon Her Soul
To a Picture

Beadle's Boy's Library of Sport, Story, and Adventure (Quarto edition)

64. The young moose-hunters, or, Trail and camp-fire in the New Brunswick woods

Beadle's New York Dime Library

279. The gold-dragon, or, The California-bloodhound
297. Colorado Rube, the strong arm of Hotspur City, or, The giant brothers of Buzzard's Roost
385. Wild Dick Turpin, the lion of Leadville, or, The lone hand
405. Old Baldy the brigadier of Buck Basin, or, Hunted down by a woman
415. Hot Heart, the detective spy, or, The red jaguar's mission
427. The rivals of Montana mill, or, Redgrave, the renegade
437. Deep Duke, the silent sleuth, or, The man of two lives
442. Wild West Walt, the mountain veteran, or, The gunmakers of World's End
449. Bluff Burke, king of the rockies, or, The black stake rivals
455. Yank Yellowbird, the tall hustler of the hills, or, The conspirators of Medicine Springs
463. Gold Gauntlet the Gulch Gladiator, or, Yank Yellowbird's hot campaign
470. The duke of Dakota, or, Yank Yellowbird's fiery gantlet
479. Gladiator Gabe, the Samson of Sassajack, or, Yank Yellowbird's castle crusade
486. Kansas Kitten, the north west detective, or, Yank Yellowbird's search-brigade
492. Border Bullet, the prairie sharpshooter, or, Yank Yellowbird's Black Hills colony
498. Central Pacific Paul, the mail-train spy, or, Yank Yellowbird's iron trail
506. Uncle Honest, the peacemaker of Hornet's Nest, or, Yank Yellowbird versus The Leather Jackets
513. Texas Tartar, the man with nine lives, or, Yank Yellowbird's best yank
521. Paradise Sam, the Nor'-West pilot, or, Yank Yellowbird's great 'diskivery'
531. Saddle Chief Kit the prairie centaur, or, The border blacksmith's terrible temptation
539. Old Doubledark, the wily detective, or, The invisible foe's masquerade
551. Garry Kean, the man with backbone, or, The gladiators of Jack's delight
563. Wyoming Zeke, the hotspur of Honeysuckle, or, Old Humility's hard road to travel
575. Steady hand, the Napoleon of detectives, or, Clover Crookback's police puzzle
585. Dan Dixon's double, or, The deadlock at danger divide
596. Rustler Rube the round-up detective, or, The Bighorn Valley double disaster
611. Alkali Abe, the game-chicken from Texas, or, The smash-up in no-world kingdom
623. Dangerous Dave, the never-beaten detective, or, A fight with foes from the grave
638. Murdock, the dread detective, or, North-land Nick's guardianship
646. Dark John, the grim guard, or, Hailstorm's North Plains braves
655. Strawberry Sam, the man with a birthmark, or, The war-clan of Lucifer Annex
692. Dead Shot Paul, the deep-range explorer, or, The mountain spy's vendetta
703. Spokane Saul, the Samaritan suspect, or, The double twist at Camp Sahara
714. Gabe Gall, the gambolier from Great Hump, or, Corralling half the town
738. Detective Claxton, the record breaker, or, Sentenced by his own father
764. The New York sharps' shadower, or, The game sport of Rusty Gulch
774. Steve Starr, the dock detective, or, The female race track sharp
782. Royal Rock, the round-up detective, or, The neck-and-neck race with rogues
790. Plunger Pete, the race-track detective, or, Bouncing the Bowery wolves
808. The crook detective's pull, or, The round-about-town female reporter
823. The athlete sport about town, or, The escaped Sing Sing convict's champion
833. The sport detective's grip, or, Bouncing the race-course bettors
841. Graydon's double deal, or, Trapping river thieves
849. The genteel sharper's combine, or, The longshore skulkers of South Street
864. The police special's dilemma, or, Gus Wayland's best bower
875. Trapping the race-track judge, or, The man from Oklahoma in New York
885. The expert detective's shake-up, or, The fake's fight for a fortune
893. Yellow Gid of Dark Divide, or, The miner-banker's death trump
899. The double-quick detective, or, Hot hustling for the man in gray
908. The doomsday-den detective, or, The diamond smuggler's short-stop
920. The Montana miner in New York, or, The city detective's tangle
931. Frisco Frank at Glory Gulch, or, Wiping out the gold-dusters' gang
948. The red-gloved detective, or, Crushing the gold grubber gang of Jericho
1078. Wild Dick Turpin, the lion of Leadville, or, The lone hand

The Chicago Ledger

After 30,000 Years; or, The Shining Spider
At Sea with Napoleon; or, Flight Under Fire
The Brown Sea God
Down With His Ship; or The White Creeper
In Strange Seas; The Flying Dutchman's Daughter
The Island of Black Magic
The Kidnaped Feudists
The Lighthouse Heir; or, The Secreft of the Reef
Lords of the Ax; or, Who Was Napoleon Knight?
Masterful Morgan; or, The Hostile Mountain
Old Foes Afloat; or, The Sea Women
Red Wolf's Daughter; or, The Bush Exile
Strong Jacob of Eden; or, The Wilderness Waif
The Treasure Bearers; or, The Hawk of the Furland

The Saturday Journal

Shadows Of The Past