The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Kerr, Alvah Milton, 1858-1924

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Items with "Kerr, Alvah Milton, 1858-1924" as Credited Author

Ariel Library

10. An Honest lawyer

The Chicago Ledger

The Avenger's Strange Story
Braintree-Jingles Fraud
The Car of Dynamite; or, How Dreamy Meadows Won
A Comedy of Errors
The Daring of the Doomed
The Fate of Two Fools
The Fateful Horseshoe; or, A Story of Luck
For His People
Freckle Hogan's Grit
In His Hour of Weakness
Little Queer Trick
The Lost Train
A Lucky Mistake
The Lucky Whack
The President's Son
Pulver's First Night; or, Saving the Northern Express
The Race For the Switch
The Recoil
The Silken Signal; or, Hancock's Coup
Two Young Inventors; or The Story of a Flying Boat
Whitelaw of the Arctic
Why They Adjourned
Wire and Rail Stories: The Slide at Bonnet

Household Library

v. 4, no. 30. Trean; or, The Mormon's daughter. A romantic story of life among the Latter-day Saints