The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Physical Director

Pseudonym For: Hancock, H. Irving (Harrie Irving), 1868-1922

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Items with "Physical Director" as Credited Author

Frank Manley's Weekly

1. Frank Manley's Real Fight; or, What the Push-Ball Game Brought About
2. Frank Manley's Lightning Track; or, Speed's Part in a Great Crisis
3. Frank Manley's Amazing Vault; or, Pole and Brains in Deadly Earnest
4. Frank Manley's Gridiron Grill; or, The Try-Out for Football Grit
5. Frank Manley's Great Line-Up; or, The Woodstock Eleven on the Jump
6. Frank Manley's Prize Tackle; or, The Football Tactics That Win
7. Frank Manley's Mad Scrimmage; or, The Trick That Dazed Bradford
8. Frank Manley's Lion-Hearted Push; or, Staking Life on the Outcome
9. Frank Manley's Mad Break Through; or, Playing Halfback for All It Is Worth
10. Frank Manley's Football Strategy; or, Beating Tod Owen's Fake Kick
11. Frank Manley's Jap Ally; or, How Sato Played the Gridiron Game
12. Frank Manley's Tandem Trick; or, How Hal Spofford Fooled the Enemy
13. Frank Manley's Whirling Ten Miler; or, Making Wind and Fortune Twins
14. Frank Manley's Sweetheart; or, Winning Out for Kitty Dunstan's Sake
15. Frank Manley's Prize Skating Squad; or, Keen, Real Life on the Ice
16. Frank Manley's Christmas Gift; or, The Luck That Ice Hockey Brought
17. Frank Manley's Ice Carnival; or, The Grandest Winter Work on Record
18. Frank Manley's Stolen Goal; or, The Newest Trick in Basketball
19. Frank Manley's Ice Boat Regatta; or, The Fellows Who Came in Second Best
20. Frank Manley's Sweeping Score; or, A Wonderful Day at Curling
21. Frank Manley's Snow-Shoe Squad; or, A Week of Rousing Life in the Open
22. Frank Manley's New Game; or, The Hurdle Race on Skates
23. Frank Manley's Big Mistake; or, The Fearful Crash at Bradford
24. Frank Manley's Winter Camp; or, The Esquimaux Boys of Woodstock
25. Frank Manley at Yale; or, Making the Start in College Athletics
26. Frank Manley's Freshman Grit; or, Beating Out a Sophomore Bully
27. Frank Manley's Rival; or, The Struggle for "Frat" Membership
28. Frank Manley and the Hazers; or, Going Through a Tough Ordeal
29. Frank Manley in Yale's Cage; or, Working for the Freshman Ball Nine
30. Frank Manley on the Yale Track; or, Making Fast Time for a Team Place
31. Frank Manley's Great Hammer Throw; or, Beating the Freshman Record
32. Frank Manley's Broad Jump; or, Up Against Yale's Champion