The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Reynolds, George W. M. (George William MacArthur), 1814-1879

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Items with "Reynolds, George W. M. (George William MacArthur), 1814-1879" as Credited Author

Echo Series

33. Canonbury House; or, The Queen's Prophecy
34. Ada Arundel; or, The Secret Corridor
35. Olivia, the Maid of Honor
45. The Miser's Will; or, The Doom of the Poisoner
46. Mary Glentworth; or, The Forbidden Marriage

Hawthorne Library

12. Bertram Vivian
17. Degraded and Deserted; or, The Soldier's Wife
55. The Child of Waterloo
61. The Countess of Lascelles
77. The Doom of the Burker
87. Faust and the Demon
201. Wagner the Wehr-Wolf
314. Imogene Hartland; or, The Star of the Circus
333. Rose Somerville; or, A Husband's Mystery and a Wife's Devotion

Imperial Series

4. Wagner; or, The Wehr Wolf
5. Omar Pasha; or, The Vizier's Daughter
10. Faust. A Romance
18. Catharine Volmar
20. Lelia; or, The Star of Mingrelia
21. Karaman; or, The Bandit Chief