The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Du Boisgobey, Fortuné, 1821-1891

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Items with "Du Boisgobey, Fortuné, 1821-1891" as Credited Author

Aldis Series

199. The Parisian Detective

Alert Library

16. The Blue Veil
48. The Fatal Legacy
62. His Great Revenge

American Detective Series

13. The Temple of Death
14. The Coral Pin
15. Sealed Lips
16. The Red Lottery Ticket
17. The Nameless Man
18. The Parisian Detective
51. Sculpter's Daughter

American Series

46. Felon's bequest
74. The Nameless Man
178. The Parisian Detective

Calumet Series (Homewood)

178. In Chase of Crime
259. Mysterious Juror
383. Youngest Soldier in the Grand Army

Crown Series

41. The Lottery Ticket
42. Piedouche, a French detective (Le coup de'oeil de M. Piedouche)
61. Consequence of a Duel

Echo Series

7. The Red Camelia
10. The Search for Ancestors
88. The Countess of Yalta; or, The Nihilist Spy
89. Dr. Villagos, the Nihilist Chief

The Elite Series

397. Felon's bequest
404. The Nameless Man
405. The Parisian Detective

Flashlight Detective Series

Babiole, the Pretty Milliner
Bertha's Secret
The Blue Veil
The Closed Door
Consequence of a Duel
The Countess de Marcenac
The Detective's Crime
The Harvest of Crime
His Great Revenge
The Jailor's Pretty Wife
The Mystery of an Omnibus
The Mystery of the Oak
The Prima Donna's Husband
Revenge is Sweet
The Scarlet Mystery
Thieving Fingers
9. The Count's Millions. A Detective Story of Great Power
11. The Fatal Legacy
13. The Great Jewel Mystery. A Thrilling Detective Story. Sequel to "The Missing Ruby"
22. The Millionaire's Fate: A Detective Story
23. The Missing Rubies. A Detective Story
33. The Red Band: The Adventures of a Young Girl During the Siege of Paris
60. The Detective's Eye
64. Ferdinand's Choice
65. A Fight for a Fortune
76. The Matapan Affair
81. The Red Camelia
82. The Red Lottery Ticket
86. The Search for Ancestors
103. The Angel of the Bells
106. Cash on Delivery
118. The Pretty Jailer: Second Half

Globe Library

2. Article 722
7. A Flight for a Fortune
8. The Matapan Affair
14. The Detective's Eye
15. A Steel Necklace
16. Cecil's Fortune
21. Death or Dishonor
66. A Mystery Still
114. Lover or Blackmailer?

Idylwild Series

27. The youngest soldier of the Grand Armée

Ivers' Detective Series

5. The Parisian Detective
10. The Nameless Man
14. Felon's bequest
26. A Disputed Inheritance

The Keystone Library

256. The Condemned Door
257. The Blue Veil
258. The Matapan Affair
259. The Parisian Detective
260. The Detective's Eye
261. The Red Lottery Ticket
262. The Severed Hand

Lovell's Household Library

123. A Mystery Still

Lucky Series

13. Piedouche, a French detective (Le coup de'oeil de M. Piedouche)

Majestic Series

60. Cash on Delivery
70. Consequences of a Duel; or, A Parisian Romance
124. A Flight for a Fortune
232. The Lottery Ticket
286. The Mystery of an Omnibus
333. Piedouche, a French detective (Le coup de'oeil de M. Piedouche)
376. Sealed Lips

Oriental Library

79. Frontenay, the Swordsman

Pollard's Popular Publications

5. The High Roller; or, Plunging and Honeyfugling on the Race-Track. A Sporting Romance

Seaside Library, Pocket Edition

82. Sealed Lips
104. The Coral Pin
264. Piedouche, a French detective
328. Babiole, the Pretty Milliner
451. The Lottery Ticket
475. The Prima Donna's Husband
522. Zig-Zag the Clown; or, The Steel Gauntlets
523. Consequence of a Duel. A Parisian Romance
648. The Angel of the Bells
697. Pretty Jailer
699. Sculpter's Daughter
782. The Closed Door
851. The Cry of Blood
918. The Red Band
942. Cash on Delivery