The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - K., H. S.

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Items with "K., H. S." as Credited Author

The Banner Weekly

"Cal" Pergass Decides
Aunt Jane's Pepper-Pot
Blifkins Helps Bring in the Clothes
Casey's Disturbance
The Circus Was Costly
Courting a Twin
A Disappointed Man
A Domestic Bargain
Evolution of the Country Lad, A Very True Instance
Goldstay the Phantom
The Greeting of Lige Sugson
The Hardship of Eli
He Got There, A True Story
He Who Smokes
Hoodoo Charms
How Long Abe Helped the Widow
How to Live on One Cent a Day
How to Manage a Husband
Limpy, A True Incident
Matching a Horse
My Accidental Insurance
Mythology Kodacked
Our Angel Unawares
The Poetic Poetess
Queer Notions Some People Have
Simplex and His Flower-Garden
Simplex and the Bees
Simplex and the Cycle
Simplex Buys Dogs
Simplex Practices Will-Power
The Slusher's Sentiments
Snow-Shoe Exercise
Sulkly Suze, A Sullivan County Idyl
The Sweetest Sound in the World
The Three Sons
Wanted a Divorce
A Wise Woman

The Saturday Journal