The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Jones, Emma Garrison

Pseudonym: Meserole, Schuyler, Mrs.

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Items with "Jones, Emma Garrison" as Credited Author

The Arm Chair Library (Lupton)

109. The Topaz Ring

The Bertha Clay Library

213. A Terrible Crime

The Chicago Ledger

Captain Tom's Promise
For Mother's Sake
The Haunted Chambers
A Spray of Heliotrope
Story for the New Year

Clover Series

131. A Terrible Crime

Eagle Library

81. Wedded for an Hour
148. Will She Win?
308. Lady Ryhop's Lover
502. Fair Maid Marian
509. A Penniless Princess
532. True to His Bride
544. In Love's Name
564. Love's First Kiss
572. Amid Scarlet Roses
612. Her Husband's Other Wife
622. His Madcap Sweetheart
631. A Love Concealed
664. A Southern Princess
696. The Bride's Opals
711. Taken by Storm
722. A Freak of Fate
744. A Useless Sacrifice
751. The Gypsy's Warning
761. A Reckless Promise
786. His Good Angel
813. Sorely Tried; or, Under Troubled Skies
849. Stranger Than Fate
860. Her Twentieth Guest
868. All Lost But Love; or, Life's Most Treasured Jewel
874. Woman Without a Heart
882. Margery, the Pearl
890. Against Love's Rules
899. Laurel, the Faithful
909. Just for a Title
922. When Man Proposes
929. Like a Leaf in the Wind
932. With Beauty Beaming
942. The Face of His Dreams
959. For Jack's Sake
992. The Young Wife's Secret
1006. Strathmore's Sin
1021. Amid Scarlet Roses
1027. A Madcap Sweetheart
1037. A Love Concealed
1042. The Bride's Opals
1065. Fair Maid Marian
1076. A Freak of Fate
1082. Love's First Kiss
1088. Her Husband's Other Wife
1101. True to His Bride
1113. In Love's Name
1122. Taken by Storm
1134. A Southern Princess
1145. Sorely Tried; or, Under Troubled Skies
1151. The Gypsy's Warning
1159. A Penniless Princess
1167. Stranger Than Fate
1186. A Useless Sacrifice
1201. Her Twentieth Guest
1212. A Reckless Promise
1217. For Jack's Sake
1229. When Man Proposes
1244. With Beauty Beaming
1252. Just for a Title
1275. His Good Angel
1279. All Lost But Love; or, Life's Most Treasured Jewel
1282. Laurel, the Faithful
1287. Against Love's Rules
1296. Like a Leaf in the Wind
1302. Margery, the Pearl
1308. The Face of His Dreams
1323. The Young Wife's Secret
1330. Strathmore's Sin
1338. Amid Scarlet Roses
1366. Wedded for an Hour

Love Story Library

147. Fair Maid Marian
152. Her Husband's Other Wife
155. Taken by Storm
160. A Madcap Sweetheart
165. The Bride's Opals
170. Love's First Kiss

New York Weekly

All About A Jewel
The Birthday Ball
The Bride's Roses
Claribel's Lover
Dolly's Stratagem
A Family Jar
Gladys Emory; or, The Working Girl's Reward
Grandma St. Aubyn's Legacy
Harry's Promise
How Louise Lost Her Lover
Johnnie's Pledge
Johnnie's Temptation
Lottie Darnell's Failing
The Mortgaged Home
The Mother's Bible
My Own Story
The New Year Guest
The Night Before My Wedding Day
Saved by a Ring: A Thanksgiving Story
Selling Berries
Story for the New Year
Strewing Hemp Seeds: A Christmas Tale
A Temperance Story
Wedded for an Hour
What Birdie Did
What the Fairies Did
Who Shall Wear The Coronet?
Woman's Work

The People's Home Journal (Lupton)

How I Became a Benedict
Our First Parting
The Topaz Ring

Riverside Library

7. A Terrible Deed; or, All for Gold

Select Series

8. Will She Win? or, A Charmed Necklace
32. Lady Ryhop's Lover
85. Wedded for an Hour

Waverley Library (Quarto edition)

88. A Terrible Deed; or, All for Gold