The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Griffith, George Bancroft, 1841-1909

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Items with "Griffith, George Bancroft, 1841-1909" as Credited Author

Good News

A Cheerful Word or Helping Hand
Christmas Song
New Year's Resolve
Second Sight
Silk Culture in California
William Penn

New York Weekly

Abilities Well Used
Ask Me Not
At Easter Time
Baby Best of All
Bright and Early
Christmas Eve in Germany
Christmas Facts
The Christmas Tree and Santa Claus: Their Ancient Origin
Cold Curiosities
The Cripple's Hope
Curiosities of Superstition
Do Animals Reason?
Energy Must Win!
Facts Worth Knowing
The Final Hour
First Flower of Spring
Frightening Children
The Gossamer
Great Results from Small Causes
Home Joys
Hunting Up His Sign
An Instructive Fable
A Little Cripple
Little Lips That Are Not Kissed
Lola's Two Lovers
A Maiden Coy
A Mark to Follow
The Master's Face
Mastering Difficulties
The Midnight Bells
Mother's Last Kiss
A Noble Ambition
Ocean Splendor
The Old Year and the New
Old York and St. Aspinquid
Our Buds of Promise
Our Lives Are Like A Circle
Our National Banner
Our President Saved
The Perfect Plan
The Power of Little Things
The Rainbow
Santa Claus In Other Lands
Second Sight
"Some Day"
The Song My Mother Loved: Words for Music
The Spray of Lilacs
What Boys Have Done
What Hardship Does
Wonderful Vision
Wondrous Knickknacks
Your Daddy's Wise

The Saturday Journal

Bridal Customs
A Chapter on Perfumes
Courtship and Marriage Made Easy
Curious Superstitions
Curious Wills
The Finger-ring and the Ring-finger
The Human Hair
The Old Man Of The Mountain
Origin and Romance of Kissing
The Sea-Serpent
What Indians Eat