The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Modricker, A. H. (Albert H.)

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Items with "Modricker, A. H. (Albert H.)" as Credited Author

The Banner Weekly

"Black Tom's" Desperate Throw
A "Cheeky" Brigand, A Black Hills Story
"Found Drowned;" or, Death Room No. 5
"Toothpick Ben," Gambler; or, A Second Dupely Dodge
The 'Insides' of Faro
Affairs of Honor
Among Moonshiners
The B. B. Arlington Case, An Insurance Mystery
The Baffled Gambler
Bear Stories With No Discount
Ben Thompson
A Boy's Predicament
By Mere Accident
Casking an Outlaw
The Cowboy as He Is
Cowboy Cavortings
A Crazy Man at the Throttle
Crooked People I Have Met
A Dead Man's Message
The Death Draw
The Death-Watch
Desperate to the Last
Detective Reminiscences
Detective Stories of To-Day
The Disappearing Cowboy
A Drunken Elephant
Duel to the Death
Duels by Lot
A Dying Man's Accusation
Engine No. 33
An Engineer's Heroism
Engineers With Nerve
The Flat-Thief Worker
Four "Bad Men"
Graveyard Insurance Swindlers
Green's First Detective Work
Her Ordained Lover
His Color Saved Him
Incidents of the Rail
Into a Badgers' Pit
"Just Steve, Sir"
The Life of a Gambler
Lock Box No. 20
The Mail Contractor's Adventure
The Masked Telegrapher
Murdered by Mistake
My Strange Customer; or, The Man in the Mask
My Tenth Case a Failure
Mysterious Dots and Dashes; or, A Message from the Dead
An Odd Adventure
Of and By Actors; or, Told in the Cafe
Of and By Gamblers
Over a Slow-Match
Pen Pictures of Gamblers
Perils of the Rail
The Perils of the Service, An Expressman's True Story
Poker Incidents
Poker Pen Pictures: Noted Games of Noted Gamesters
The Poor Mad Lady's Story
Recalled by a Dispatch
Reminiscences of Show Life
Robbing the Mails; or, Letter-Box Thieves
The Runaway Engine, A Life-And-Death Chase
Several Bears
She Was No Fraud
The Shoemaker's Crime
A Shot That Netted $3,000
The Silent Intruder
The Silver Bullet
Some "Bad Men"
Some Eminent "Bad Men"
Some Men of Nerve
Stage-Driver Alick's Exploit
Taken in by a Pretty Face
Telegraph Yarns: A Round-About Call and a Lightning Hair-Cut
A Terrible Lottery
A Thrilling Night's Experience
Told by Gamblers
Told by the Burglar
Told by the Engineers
Told by the Stage-Driver
Told in the Cafe, Strangers and Moonshiners
The Trader's Lucky Escape
Trains Sketches: Experiences on the Run
The Tramp's Stroke
A Typical Desperado
The Unconscious Crime: A Chicago Detective's Peculiar Experience
Unpleasant Situation, A Lady Telegraph Operator's Story
Upper Berth Number Seven
A Very Bad Man, A Duel to the Death
Vindicated Through Luck
A Vision---No. 1006; or, Resurrected on Canvas
Weak-Kneed "Bad Men"
Where Did They Go?
Wild Engines; or, "Old Eccentric," No. 13
The Wrong Man, and a Detective's Mistake
Yarns Spun by Sailors