The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Waters, Will

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Items with "Waters, Will" as Credited Author

The Banner Weekly

Alonzo Decourcy
Baby Is Going To Sleep
Bessie's Eyes
Bessie, Those Blue Eyes of Thine
The Boy Who Is Going Astray
The Catapult Chair
De Golden Incline Plane
De Sun Do Move
Deceitful Appearance
Don't Drag My Boy Down
Don't Go Back on the Old Folks, John
A Drink for His Money
The Faded Rose
Fitzgum Donnyhue
The Gate
The Grenadier's Bequest
The Irrepressible Bachelor
It Will All Come Out Right In The End
It Worked Both Ways
The Ladder of Fame
Legal Advice
The Letter That Sweet Bessie Wrote to Me
Love's Magic Wand
Love's New Year
Lovely Little Charmer
Money Makes the Mare Go
Nachaw's Stujent
The Old-Fashioned Kitchen
Out in the Sunlight
The Pictures on the Wall
A Political Experience
Resting 'Neath the Daisies
The Robins Are Sleeping Again
The Route Agent
Smiles on a String
The Sneak
Song of the Tea-Kettle
Starry-Eyed Pansy
That Beanery
That Little Wife of Mine
The Thirteen Club
This Dear Old Pipe of Clay
Turning Back the Leaves of Life