The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Winter, John Strange, 1856-1911

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Items with "Winter, John Strange, 1856-1911" as Credited Author

The Advance Library

1. The Other Man's Wife
53. Pluck : a novel.

Alert Library

10. Beautiful Jim

American Series

He Went for a Soldier
223. The Story of the Gadsbys And, He went for a soldier
227. The Other Man's Wife
323. Aunt Johnnie

Arrow Library

41. Beautiful Jim
324. Those Girls

Arundel Library

41. Bootle's Children

The Authors' Library

11. A Blameless Woman

The Bijou Series

30. The Other Man's Wife

Bright Ideas Series

12. He Went for a Soldier

Crown Series

30. A Man of Honor, a novel

Eden Series

132. In Luck's Way

Electric Series

461. Buttons
462. Bootle's Baby
490. He Went for a Soldier
556. Good-Bye

Favorite Library

28. Those Girls

Favorite Series (Munro)

36. He Went for a Soldier
46. The Other Man's Wife
61. Dinna Forget

Granite Series

9. Beautiful Jim

Hart Series

168. The Other Man's Wife
176. Aunt Johnnie

Hawthorne Library

223. Bootle's Children

The Ivy Series

536. Cavalry Life
537. Garrison Gossip
538. Beautiful Jim
539. Mrs. Bob
540. Dinna Forget
541. The Other Man's Wife

Lakewood Series

9. Experience of a Lady Help

Lovell's Household Library

131. Beautiful Jim
267. Buttons
275. Mrs. Bob

Lovell's International Series

21. Harvest
25. Sophy Carmine
43. Buttons
47. Mrs. Bob
60. Dinna Forget
173. In Luck's Way

Majestic Series

159. He Went for a Soldier
247. A Man of Honor
318. The Other Man's Wife

Manhattan Library of New Copyright Fiction

1. A Matter of Sentiment

Marco-Botsaris Series

7. The Other Man's Wife

Oriental Library

62. The Colonel's Daughter

Sunset Series

70. He Went for a Soldier