The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Farjeon, B. L. (Benjamin Leopold), 1833-1903

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Items with "Farjeon, B. L. (Benjamin Leopold), 1833-1903" as Author

Aldis Series

57. A Fair Jewess
77. The Last Tennant

American Detective Series

33. The Nine of Hearts

American Series

31. The Nine of Hearts
86. Dr. Glennie's Daughter

Arrow Library

225. Grif
265. Love's Harvest

Eden Series

122. The Sacred Nugget

Electric Series

553. Merry, Merry Boys

Farm and Fireside Library

6. Bread and Cheese and Kisses

Fireside Series (Hovendon)

22. Dr. Glennie's Daughter
73. Toilers of Babylon
79. The Duchess of Rosemary Lane

Fireside Series (Ogilvie)

55. Dr. Glennie's Daughter

Flashlight Detective Series

The Nine of Hearts

Globe Library

72. Dr. Glennie's Daughter

The Home Library of Select Literature

24. A Island Pearl
32. The Peril of Richard Pardon
47. The Nine of Hearts

Ivers' Detective Series

9. The Nine of Hearts

Keystone Library

288. A Secret Inheritance
289. Gautran; or, House of White Shadows
290. Love's Harvest
291. The Nine of Hearts
292. The Sacred Nugget
293. Grif
294. Aunt Parker

Lovell's International Series

96. The Mystery of M. Felix
133. Basil and Annette
161. For the Defence
167. Ties--Human and Divine

Marvelous Library

29. Shadows on the Snow