The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Edwards, Amelia B. (Amelia Blanford), 1831-1892

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Items with "Edwards, Amelia B. (Amelia Blanford), 1831-1892" as Credited Author

Archie Lovell (1 edition)
A Ballroom Repentance (1 edition)
Barbara's History (3 editions)
A Blue Stocking (1 edition)
Debenham's Vow (1 edition)
A Girton Girl (1 edition)
Half a Million of Money (1 edition)
Hand and Glove (3 editions)
Jet: Her Face or Her Fortune (1 edition)
The Ladder of Life (3 editions)
Leah: A Woman of Fashion (2 editions)
Lord Brackenbury (26 editions)
Miss Carew (3 editions)
My Brother's Wife (3 editions)
Ought We to Visit Her? (1 edition)
Philip Earnscliffe (1 edition)
A Playwright's Daughter (1 edition)
A Point of Honor (1 edition)
Steven Lawrence (1 edition)
Susan Fielding (1 edition)
A Vagabond Heroine (1 edition)
Vivian, the Beauty (4 editions)