The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Yonge, Charlotte M. (Charlotte Mary), 1823-1901

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Items with "Yonge, Charlotte M. (Charlotte Mary), 1823-1901" as Credited Author

Appletons' Illustrated Library of Romance

2. The Clever Woman of the Family
25. A Chaplet of Pearls

Appletons' New Handy-Volume Series

24. The Dissturbing Element

Arrow Library

149. Love and Life
200. The Two Sides of a the Shield

Calumet Series (Homewood)

56. Book of Golden Deeds
145. Gold Dust
227. Lucy's Wonderful Globe

Eden Series

69. Dove in the Eagle's Nest
74. Chantry House
80. My Young Alcides
95. A Modern Telemachus

The Elite Series

210. A Book of Golden Deeds

The Keystone Library

538. Love and Life
539. Chantry House
540. Dove in the Eagle's Nest
541. The Two Sides of a the Shield
542. My Young Alcides
543. A Modern Telemachus

Majestic Series

162. Henrietta's Wish; or, Domineering

Manhattan Library

58. The Heir of Redclyffe

Munro's Library of Popular Novels

231. The Armourer's Apprentice

Premium Library (Home Book Company)

9. A Book of Golden Deeds

Premium Library (Mershon)

65. A Book of Golden Deeds

Rugby Edition

Young Folks' History of France
Young Folks' History of Germany
Young Folks' History of Greece
Young Folks' History of Rome

Seaside Library (Ordinary Edition)

Amourer's Apprentice
The Three Brides
772. Magnum Bonum; or, Mother Carey's Brood
1199. Lady Hester
1287. The Heir of Redclyffe
1311. Unknown to History
1345. Hearteuse
1363. The Daisy Chain
1572. The Trial. More Links of the Daisy Chain
1589. Two Guardians
1601. Stray Pearls
1617. The Clever Woman of the Family
2040. The Two Sides of a the Shield
2047. Nuttie's Father

Seaside Library, Pocket Edition

247. The Armourer's Apprentice
275. The Three Brides
535. Henrietta's Wish
563. The Two Sides of a the Shield
640. Nettie's Father
665. Dove in the Eagle's Nest
666. My Young Alcides, A Faded Photograph
739. The Caged Lion
742. Love and Life
783. Chantry House
790. A Chaplet of Pearls
800. Hopes and Fears
887. A Modern Telemachus
1024. Under the Storm; or, Steadfast's Charge
1133. Our New Mistress; or, Changes at Brookfield Earl
1200. Beechcroft at Rockstone
2371. Eustache de Ribamount. Sequel to "The Chaplet of Pearls"

Sunday Series

7. The Pupils of St. John, the Divine

The Universal Library

225. Young People's History of Germany

Victor Series of Paper Books

219. The Armorer's Prentices

Young Folks' Library

14. The Prince and the Page