The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Marryat, Florence, 1833-1899

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Items with "Marryat, Florence, 1833-1899" as Credited Author

The Abbott Five Cent Novels

19. Out of His Reckoning

Aldine Series

20. Open Sesame

Aldis Series

81. At Heart a Rake

All Star Series

41. A Crown of Shame

The Arm Chair Library (Lupton)

21. A Scarlet Sin
64. The Risen Dead

Arrow Library

116. The Master Passion
195. Her Lord and Master
241. Driven to Bay
329. The Nobler Sex

The Bijou Series

84. A Crown of Shame

Cassell's Sunshine Series of Choice Fiction

138. The Fate of Fenella
152. Parson Jones

Cassell's Union Square Library

22. At Heart a Rake

The Century Series

10. A Rational Marriage

Charles Garvice Series

58. A Crown of Shame
59. A Little Stepson
60. The Poison of Asps

Crown Series

34. A Lucky Disappointment
71. A Master Passion. A novel

Daisy Library

25. Out of His Reckoning

Eden Series

64. With Cupid's Eyes
67. The Fair Headed Alda
71. Two Girls of Faversham
72. The Arundel Moth
75. Written in Fire
78. Under the Lillies and Roses
86. My Own Child
91. The Heart of Jane Warner
96. Peerless and Prayer
100. A Star and a Heart
106. My Sister, the Actress
112. A Loveless Marriage
120. A Harvest of Wild Oats
126. Love's Farewell
130. Built Upon Love

Electric Series

468. A Lucky Disappointment
469. The Poison of Asps

The Elite Series

187. A Crown of Shame
348. At Heart a Rake

Favorite Library

199. Her Lord and Master

Fireside Series (Hovendon)

103. A Harvest of Wild Oats

Globe Library

278. In the Name of Liberty

Granite Series

40. Driven to Bay
51. Fighting for Air

Hawthorne Library

235. A Crown of Shame

The Home Library of Select Literature

37. The Poison of Asps

The Keystone Library

380. Driven to Bay
381. Peerless and Prayer
382. Her Lord and Master
383. My Sister, the Actress
384. My Own Child
385. No Intentions
386. Written in Fire
387. Two Girls of Faversham
388. The Root of All Evil
389. Out of His Reckoning
390. Facing the Footlights
391. Petronel
392. A Star and a Heart
393. Ange
394. A Harvest of Wild Oats
395. A Little Stepson
396. Phyllida
397. With Cupid's Eyes
398. The Poison of Asps
399. The Fair Headed Alda
400. A Lucky Disappointment
401. The Heir Presumptive
402. Under the Lillies and Roses
403. The Heart of Jane Warner
404. A Master Passion. A novel
405. Why Not?
406. Her World Against a Lie
407. Open Sesame
408. Mad Dumaresq
409. Fighting for Air

Lakewood Series

4. The Nobler Sex
18. A Fatal Silence

Lenox Library

25. Out of His Reckoning

Library of Choice Novels

14. The Poison of Asps
46. No Intentions
52. My Own Child

Lovell's Household Library

33. A Master Passion. A novel
116. With Cupid's Eyes
122. A Harvest of Wild Oats
202. A Crown of Shame
209. A Broken Blossom
272. Mount Eden

Lovell's International Series

13. On Circumstantial Evidence
42. Mount Eden
77. A Scarlet Sin
85. Blindfold
135. Brave Heart and True
148. The Risen Dead
159. There is No Death

Majestic Series

77. A Crown of Shame
169. Her World Against a Lie
237. A Lucky Disappointment
260. The Master Passion
278. My Sister the Actress
282. My Own Child
336. The Poison of Asps
374. A Scarlet Sin
497. Written in Fire

The Metropolitan Series

2. A Fatal Silence
6. The Nobler Sex

Model Series

13. Her Lord and Her Master

Popular Novels

69. A Crown of Shame
70. A Little Stepson
71. The Poison of Asps

Seaside Library (Ordinary Edition)

110. Girls of Feversham
119. Petronel
197. No Intentions
206. The Poison of Asps
219. My Own Child
305. Her Lord and Master
323. A Lucky Disappointment
426. Written in Fire
533. Ange
635. A Harvest of Wild Oats
703. The Root of All Evil
742. A Star and a Heart
784. Out of His Reckoning
820. The Fair Haired Alda
897. Love's Conflict
1038. With Cupid's Eyes
1067. The Little Stepson
1086. My Sister, the Actress
1349. Phyllida
1654. Facing the Footlights
1772. Moments of Madness
1775. Old Contrary and Other Stories

Seaside Library, Pocket Edition

159. Moments of Madness
183. Old Contrary
208. Ghost of Charlette Gray, and Other Stories
276. Under the Lillies and Roses
444. The Heart of Jane Warren
449. Peeress and Player
689. The Heir Presumptive
825. The Master Passion
836. My Own Child
860. Her Lord and Her Master
861. My Sister, the Actress
864. No Intentions
865. Written in Fire
866. Miss Harrington's Husband; or, Spiders of Society
867. Girls of Feversham
868. Petronel
869. The Poison of Asps
870. Out of His Reckoning
872. With Cupid's Eyes
873. A Harvest of Wild Oats
877. Facing the Footlights
893. Love's Conflict
895. A Star and a Heart
897. Ange
899. A Little Stepson
901. A Lucky Disappointment
903. Phyllida
905. The Fair Haired Alda
939. Why Not?
993. Fighting The Air
998. Open Sesame
1004. Mad Dumaresq
1013. Confessions of Gerald Estcourt
1022. Driven to Bay
1126. Gentleman and Courtier
1184. A Crown of Shame
1191. On Circumstantial Evidence
1250. How the Loved Him
1251. Her Father's Name
1257. Mount Eden
1355. Blindfold
1527. A Scarlet Sin
1643. Brave Heart and True
1656. The Root of All Evil
1674. Her World Against a Lie
1848. The Risen Dead
1868. A Broken Blossom

Waverley Library (Quarto edition)

80. Her Lord and Master