The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Hay, Mary Cecil, 1840?-1886

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Items with "Hay, Mary Cecil, 1840?-1886" as Credited Author

The Abbott Five Cent Novels

21. A Dark Inheritance

The Advance Library

12. A Wicked Girl

American Series

184. A Wicked Girl

Arrow Library

204. Hidden Perils
240. Victor and Vanquished

Banner Library

16. Nora's Love Test

Bright Ideas Series

30. A Wicked Girl

Eden Series

62. Nora's Love Test
77. Old Myddleton's Money
82. Dorothy's Venture
97. For Her Dear Sake
102. The Squire's Legacy
115. A Wicked Girl

Electric Series

470. A Wicked Girl
479. Back to the Old Home

Empire Series

98. A Wicked Girl

Favorite Library

27. The Squire's Legacy
196. The Arundel Motto
243. Victor and Vanguished

Favorite Series (Munro)

27. A Wicked Girl

Golden Gem Library

12. A Wicked Girl
21. Back to the Old Home

Granite Series

2. The Arundel Motto
19. Brenda Yorke
39. Dorothy's Venture
66. Hidden Perils
106. Nora's Love Test
108. Old Myddleton's Money

Happy Thought Library (Optimus Printing)

6. A Wicked Girl
21. Back to the Old Home

Hawthorne Library

31. Back to the Old Home
33. A Wicked Girl
42. The Arundel Motto
174. Old Myddleton's Money

The Home Library of Select Literature

14. Page Ninety-Two
34. A Dark Inheritance

The Ivy Series

405. Old Myddleton's Money
406. Hidden Perils
407. For Her Dear Sake
408. The Arundel Motto
409. The Squire's Legacy
410. Nora's Love Test
411. Lester's Secret
412. Dorothy's Venture
413. Victor and Vanguished
414. A Wicked Girl
415. Brenda Yorke

The Keystone Library

346. Back to the Old Home
347. Old Myddleton's Money
348. For Her Dear Sake
349. The Arundel Motto
350. Hidden Perils
351. The Squire's Legacy
352. Nora's Love Test
353. Dorothy's Venture
354. Victor and Vanguished

Lenox Library

14. A Wicked Girl
27. A Dark Inheritance

Library of Select Novels

430. Old Myddleton's Money
455. The Squire's Legacy
456. Victor and Vanquished
463. Hidden Perils
472. The Arundel Motto
476. Nora's Love Test

Lovell's Household Library

1. A Wicked Girl
38. Old Myddleton's Money

Majestic Series

5. The Arundel Motto
132. For Her Dear Sake
171. Hidden Perils
217. Lester's Secret
308. Old Myddleton's Money
485. A Wicked Girl

Manhattan Library

41. Old Myddleton's Money
94. The Squire's Legacy
118. The Arundel Motto

The Marvelous Library

3. Back to the Old Home
30. Leoline
32. Reaping the Whirlwind

Sunset Series

98. A Wicked Girl