The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Lawson, W. B.

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Items with "Lawson, W. B." as Credited Author

Columbia Library

37. The Dalton Boys

Diamond Dick, Jr.

8. Diamond Dick, Jr.'s Daring Drift; or, Under Water Through Devil's Gulch
121. Diamond Dick's Double; or, The Crystal Chip of Gunnison
128. Diamond Dick, Jr.'s, Flashing Fire; or, A Wing Shot and all Hands Up
130. Diamond Dick's Drag-Net; or, The Killers of Kootenai

Jesse James Stories

1. Jesse James, The Outlaw. A Narrative of the James Boys
2. Jesse James' Legacy; or, The Border Cyclone
3. Jesse James' Dare Devil Dance; or, Betrayed by One of Them
4. Jesse James' Black Agents; or, The Wild Raid of Bullion City
5. Jesse James' Oath; or, Tracked to Death
6. Jesse James in Wyoming; or, The Den in the Black Hills
7. Jesse James, Rube Burrows & Co. A Thrilling Story of Missouri
8. Jesse James' Daring Deed; or, The Raid on the Pine Ridge Jail
9. Jesse James at the Throttle; or, The Hold-Up at Dead Man's Ditch
10. Jesse James' Double; or, The Man From Missouri
11. Jesse James Among the Moonshiners; or, The Train Robber's Trail in Kentucky
12. Jesse James' Close Call; or, The Outlaw's Last Rally in Southern Wyoming
13. Jesse James in Chicago; or, The Bandit King's Bold Play
14. Jesse James in New Orleans; or, The Man in the Black Domino
15. Jesse James' Signal Code; or, The Outlaws Gang's Desperate Strategy
16. Jesse James on the Mississippi; or, The Duel at Midnight
17. Jesse James' Cave; or, The Secret of the Dead
18. The James Boys in St. Louis; or, The Mysteries of a Great City
19. Jesse James at Bay; or, The Train Robber's Trail
20. Jesse James in Disguise; or, The Missouri Outlaw as a Showman
21. Jesse James' Exploits
22. Jesse James' Exploits
23. Jesse James' Exploits
24. Jesse James' Exploits
25. Jesse James' Exploits
26. Jesse James' Exploits
27. Jesse James' Exploits
28. Jesse James' Exploits
29. Jesse James' Exploits
30. Jesse James' Exploits
31. Jesse James' Exploits
32. Jesse James' Exploits
33. Jesse James' Exploits
34. Jesse James' Exploits
35. Jesse James' Exploits
36. Jesse James' Exploits
37. Jesse James' Exploits
38. The James Brothers' Big Prize; or, Robber Against Robber
39. The James Boys Driven to the Wall; or, The Three Lives of Wild Decatur
40. Jesse James' Ruse; or, The Escape from "Lame Horse Settlement"
41. Jesse James in Mexico; or, Raiders of the Rio Grande
42. Jesse James' Double Game; or, Golding, the Dandy Sport from Denver
43. Jesse James Surrounded; or, The Desperate Stand at Cutthroat Ranch
44. Jesse James' Spy; or, Corralling a Whole Town
45. The James Boys' Brotherhood; or, The Man of Mystery
46. Jesse James' Railroad; or, The Outlaw Brotherhood at Bay
47. Jesse James Foiled; or, The Pinkerton's Best Play
48. The James Boys' Steamboat; or, The River Cruise of the Bandit Brothers
49. Jesse James' Jubilee; or, The Celebration at the Bandit's Castle
50. Jesse James' Double Duel; or, The Price of a Life

Log Cabin Library

226. The Dalton Boys

Log Cabin Library (Pocket Ed.)

89. The Dalton Boys

The Young New Yorker

Noah, the White Grizzly