The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Bennett, Emerson, 1822-1905

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Items with "Bennett, Emerson, 1822-1905" as Credited Author

The Arm Chair Library (Lupton)

37. The Pioneer's Daughter
129. Circumstantial Evidence

Buffalo Bill Stories

A Singular Adventure

The Chicago Ledger

A Border Hero

Emerson Bennett's Works

The Heiress of Bellefont
The Pioneer's Daughter
The Unknown Countess
Walde-Warren: A Tale of Circumstantial Evidence
1. The Orphan's Trials; or, Alone in a Great City
2. The Border Rover
3. Clara Moreland
4. Ellen Norbury
5. The Bride of the Wilderness
6. Kate Clarendon
7. Viola; or, The Adventures in the Far Southwest
10. The Forged Will

Good News

Adventure of Two Boys
A Bear Story
A Boy Hero
A Night with Wolves
Capturing the Counterfeiters
A Curious Swindling Plot
Daring Deed of an Emperor
A Fearful Adventure
Ferreting Out a Murder: A Detective Story
Jerry Stebbins' Hoss Trade
Jim's History
Little Johnny's Christmas
A Mexican "Hold Up"
A Mysterious Burglar
A Mysterious Family Fatality
A Narrow Escape
Roaring Bill
A Singular Adventure
Solving a Mystery
Who was Who?

Hammock Series

19. The Border Rover
29. Clara Moreland
40. Kate Clarendon
53. The Bride of the Wilderness

Hearth and Home

A Strange Wild Cat

Log Cabin Library

161. Hemmed In; or, The Assassin's Death Blow

New York Weekly

Abiel's Christmas Present
In a Haunted House
Adventure of Two Boys
Adventure with a Rattlesnake
The Bandit Queen. A Tale of Italy
Blossom-Nose Jim
A Bold Impostor
A Border Hero
A Boy Hero. Some Incidents of the Minnesota Massacre
A Boy's Night with Wolves
A Brave Boy's Exploit
A Brush with Moonshiners
Buried in a Mine
Captured By Pirates
A Case of Circumstantial Evidence
A Chapter of Accidents
A Chapter of Disasters
A Curious Swindling Plot
Daring Deed of an Emperor
Darkness and Dawn. A Holiday Story
Detecting Mysterious Robberies
Detecting the Thief
A Detective's Story
A Doctor in Luck
A Duelist Punished
A Dutchman's Troubles
The Fatal Discovery
A Fearful Adventure
A Fearful Mistake
Guilty, Or Not Guilty? A Strange Story, Founded On Fact
High-Toned Burglars, And How They Were Detected
Horrors of an Earthquake
How A Bank Was Robbed. A Convict's Story
How My Life Was Saved
In a Spider's Web
A Joke All Round
A Journey to the Sky
The Landlord's Joke
Lines in an Album
The Little Bootblack. A Story From Life
Little Johnny's Christmas
A London Mystery
The Man of Destiny
The Missing Bridegroom
A Murder Strangely Revealed
A Mysterious Burglar
The Mysterious Drawer. A Detective Incident
A Mysterious Family Fatality
The Mysterious Robbery
A Night of Calamity
An Old Hunter's Story
An Old-Time Desperado
One of Life's Mysteries
Perils of a Prince. A Leaf from History
Perils of the Jungle
A Pseudo Princess
The Reward of Charity
Roaring Bill
A Rocky Mountain Adventure
Romance of a Flood
Roving Jack, A Texan Desperado
Seized for a Hostage
A Singular Adventure
A Singular Affair
A Singular Duel
Smart Josh Dowset
Sol Slocum; or, The Maid of the Juniata. A Tale of the Frontier
Some Incidents of Detective Life
Staking All to Win
A Steamboat Catastrophe
The Story of a Hermit
The Stowe-Byron Scandal
Strange Incidents of a Chase
A Strange Mystery
A Strange Story
Terrible Earthquakes
A Terrible Retribution
To the Peerless
A Tragic Joke
Two Old-Time Highwaymen
Two Union Spies
Unaccountable Crimes
The Ups and Downs of Life
A Victim of Circumstances
A War Adventure
Were They Dreams?
A Western Tornado
Who was Who?
Why She Never Drank
A Wicked Horse
The Wizard of the Gulch. A Western Adventure
A Wolf Story
A Wonderful Restoration
A Wonderful Siege

Nick Carter Stories

A Mexican "Holdup"
A Mysterious Burglar

Nick Carter Weekly

Ferreting Out a Murder
Solving a Mystery

The People's Home Journal (Lupton)

Ascent in a Balloon
At the Bottom of a Chasm
A Brush with Moonshiners
Buried in a Mine
A Detective's Strange Story
A Family Fatality
The Fatal Discovery
How I was Duped
The Mysterious Drawer
The Story of a Hermit
A Strange Story
The Stricken Crew
A Terrible Retribution

Peterson's Series of Choice Fiction

46. Prairie Flower and Leni-Leoti
50. Viola; or, The Adventures in the Far South-west

Petersons' Square 12mo Series

63. Prairie Flower and Leni-Leoti

Saturday Night

Legally Divorced!
The Lost Daughter! or, A Memorable Rescue

Southworth Series

9. The Orphan's Trials
44. Ellen Norbury
65. The Border Rover
79. Clara Moreland
91. Kate Clarendon
107. The Bride of the Wilderness