The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Bennett, Emerson, 1822-1905

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Items with "Bennett, Emerson, 1822-1905" as Credited Author

The Arm Chair Library (Lupton)

37. The Pioneer's Daughter
129. Circumstantial Evidence

The Chicago Ledger

A Border Hero

Emerson Bennett's Works

The Heiress of Bellefont
The Pioneer's Daughter
The Unknown Countess
Walde-Warren: A Tale of Circumstantial Evidence
1. The Orphan's Trials; or, Alone in a Great City
2. The Border Rover
3. Clara Moreland
4. Ellen Norbury
5. The Bride of the Wilderness
6. Kate Clarendon
7. Viola; or, The Adventures in the Far Southwest
10. The Forged Will

Hammock Series

19. The Border Rover
29. Clara Moreland
40. Kate Clarendon
53. The Bride of the Wilderness

Log Cabin Library

161. Hemmed In; or, The Assassin's Death Blow

New York Weekly

Abiel's Christmas Present
A Bold Impostor
A Border Hero
A Brush with Moonshiners
Buried in a Mine
Captured By Pirates
A Case of Circumstantial Evidence
A Chapter of Disasters
Daring Deed Of An Emperor
A Detective's Story
A Doctor in Luck
A Duelist Punished
The Fatal Discovery
A Fearful Adventuer
A fearful adventure
A Fearful Mistake
Guilty, Or Not Guilty? A Strange Story, Founded On Fact
High-Toned Burglars, And How They Were Detected
Horrors of an Earthquake
How A Bank Was Robbed. A Convict's Story
How My Life Was Saved
In A Haunted House
In a Spider's Web
A Joke All Round
A Journey to the Sky
The Landlord's Joke
The Little Bootblack. A Story From Life
The Man of Destiny
The Missing Bridegroom
A Mysterious Burglar
The mysterious robbery
A Night of Calamity
One of Life's Mysteries
Perils of a Prince. A Leaf from History
Perils of the Jungle
Roaring Bill
Romance of a Flood
Seized for a Hostage
A Singular Duel
Smart Josh Dowset
Sol Slocum; or, The Maid of the Juniata. A Tale of the Frontier
A Steamboat Catastrophe
The Story of a Hermit
Strange Incidents of a Chase
A Strange Story
Two Old-Time Highwaymen
Two Union Spies
Unaccountable Crimes
The Ups and Downs of Life
A Victim of Circumstances
A War Adventure
Were They Dreams?
A Western Tornado
A Wicked Horse
The Wizard of the Gulch. A Western Adventure

Nick Carter Weekly

Ferreting out a murder
Solving a mystery

The People's Home Journal (Lupton)

Ascent in a Balloon
At the Bottom of a Chasm
A Brush with Moonshiners
Buried in a Mine
A Detective's Strange Story
A Family Fatality
The Fatal Discovery
How I was Duped
The Mysterious Drawer
The Story of a Hermit
A Strange Story
The Stricken Crew
A Terrible Retribution

Saturday Night

Legally Divorced!
The Lost Daughter! or, A Memorable Rescue

Southworth Series

9. The Orphan's Trials
44. Ellen Norbury
65. The Border Rover
79. Clara Moreland
91. Kate Clarendon
107. The Bride of the Wilderness