The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Powell, George E., -1920

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Items with "Powell, George E., -1920" as Credited Author

"I Would Rather Be Irish Than Right" (1 edition)
'Tis Sweet to Hear, See, Feel and Know (1 edition)
Aboard When His Engine Goes Down (1 edition)
Alike to Gray and Blue* (1 edition)
The Angels Watched It There* (1 edition)
The Apache's Protest (2 editions)
Bad Jim (1 edition)
Be Kerful What Yer Say (1 edition)
Blending Blue and Gray (1 edition)
Buffalo Bill's Farewell to His Horse (1 edition)
The Cabin By the Slough (1 edition)
California Joe's Farewell (1 edition)
Carry A Smile To Your Home (1 edition)
The Ce-a-sapa's Plea (1 edition)
"The Chief With the Yellow Hair" (1 edition)
Death of the Modoc Chief (1 edition)
Devil Dick (1 edition)
Don't (1 edition)
Don't Turn From Friend Away! (1 edition)
Down Where the Cresses Grow (2 editions)
The Dying Cowboy's Prayer (1 edition)
Electricity's Tale (1 edition)
The Error Riley Made (1 edition)
The Face Ever Laughing (1 edition)
The Face That is Laughing (1 edition)
Farewell! (1 edition)
The Fireman's Child (1 edition)
Forgotten Away (1 edition)
Freedom's Banner (1 edition)
The Friends Who Never Return (1 edition)
Give Me the Faults that are Human (1 edition)
The Golden-Plumed Tassel of Corn (1 edition)
The Grave by the Side of the Trail (1 edition)
Gustav Korn (1 edition)
The Heart Yet Irish Still (1 edition)
A Hero yet Only a Slave (1 edition)
His Farewell Tune (1 edition)
I'll Yet Remember Thee! (1 edition)
In Woe by the Way (1 edition)
The Irish Exile (1 edition)
Irish Hearts and Irish Hands (2 editions)
It Will Cost the Best Gifts of the Heart (1 edition)
Jim An' Bill (1 edition)
John Boyle O'Reilly (1 edition)
Keep Laughter's Youthful King (1 edition)
Keep Your Record As Clean As Your Clothes (1 edition)
Latungafo (1 edition)
Leave Your Frown for a Smile at the Gate (1 edition)
"Let the Chips Fall Where They May" (2 editions)
Life for Life (1 edition)
Little Joe (2 editions)
The Little Vine-Clad Cottage in the Dell (1 edition)
Lost in the Folds of the Shroud (1 edition)
Lost! One Golden Hour (2 editions)
The Name That is Sweetest to Me (1 edition)
A Nameless Paul Revere (1 edition)
Never Forget (2 editions)
No Footstep Has Wandered Astray (1 edition)
No Mother Now (1 edition)
No Weft In The Texture Is Mine (1 edition)
Not For Him! (1 edition)
An Office Not Down on the Line (1 edition)
The Old Home (1 edition)
Old Jerry's Good-By To His Cow (1 edition)
The One That Was Hardest To Spare (1 edition)
The Other Prodigal (1 edition)
Our Prairie Pard (1 edition)
Parnell (1 edition)
The Picture of the Pane (1 edition)
The Poet's Salutatory (1 edition)
The Poet's Valedictory (1 edition)
The Poor and the Proud (1 edition)
The Shamrock Eternal (1 edition)
Sheridan's Last Ride (1 edition)
A Single Day (1 edition)
Six Feet of Earth (1 edition)
Skull of Neanderthal (1 edition)
The Smile That Awaits Me at Home (2 editions)
The Song That Father Sung (1 edition)
The Songs that Mother Sung (1 edition)
Spare the Child and Spoil the Rod! (1 edition)
The Spoke That Is Gone From The Wheel (1 edition)
Star of the East"," (1 edition)
T. Jefferson's Poem (1 edition)
Than All the Gloom Beside (1 edition)
Than All The World Beside (1 edition)
Ther Man With Ther Dollar Are Mine (1 edition)
Ther Toughest Cub In School* (1 edition)
There's Something in the Gait (2 editions)
"They Get There Just the Same" (2 editions)
To-Tonkae-To-Tonka's Creed (1 edition)
Treason's Rhyme (1 edition)
Upon the Picket Line (1 edition)
Waiting (2 editions)
Waiting, My Erin, For Thee! (1 edition)
A Warrior Held The Field* (1 edition)
The Way to the Heart (1 edition)
We Never Stop to Think (2 editions)
We Wander Back to Home (1 edition)
"What Fools We Mortals Are!" (1 edition)
What Little Things Can Do (1 edition)
What Poets Cannot Do (1 edition)
Whittier and Holmes (1 edition)
Why? (1 edition)
Wild Home of My Childhood, Farewell! (1 edition)
The Wild Winds Are Calling For Thee! (1 edition)
Will Come Again! (1 edition)
Women (1 edition)
Women's Tears (1 edition)
You Will Find It Hard to Do (1 edition)
You Will Wish Me Back Once More (1 edition)