The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Wells, Douglas

Pseudonym For: Burton, Frederick R. (Frederick Russell), 1861-1909; Hancock, H. Irving (Harrie Irving), 1868-1922; Lewis, Enrique H., 1863-; Sinclair, Upton, 1878-1968

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Items with "Wells, Douglas" as Credited Author

Adventure Weekly

1. On Foreign Service; or, Phil and Ralph's Fighting Mission in China
2. The Heart of Kwang-Se; or, Phil's Raid into the Enemy's Stronghold
3. The Black Mandarin; or, Phil's Most Mighty Foe
4. Phil's Greatest Stroke; or, Rescuing the Flower of Yu-Nan
5. Taming the Dragon; or, A Case of Yankee Nerve
6. The Wizard's Pagoda; or, Phil's Innings at Chinese Black Arts
7. His Life by a Thread; or, Hounded by Chinese Nihilists
8. Trapping the Governor; or, Phil's Greatest, Hardest Task
9. Taking a Treasure City; or, The Dash for Kwang Chow Millions
10. The Sky Spectre; or, The Cloud Trotters of Kwange-Se
11. The New Diplomat; or, Yankee Wits Against Chinese
12. The Serpent of Rubies; or, Phil's Mysterious Wonder-Box
13. The Valley of Horrors; or, The White Slave of Hui Fan
14. The Idol's Strategem; or, Buddha's Yankee Brains
15. Chung Kee's White Hostage; or, Phil Stirling's Bitter Ordeal
16. A Chinese Day Off. (And So Was Everyone Else).
17. The Yellow Goliath; or, Phil's Only Duel
18. Phil's Pure Grit; or, The Last of the Yellow Napoleon
19. Under the Emperor's Eye; or, The Chance of a Lifetime
20. "Admiral Phil" Afloat; or, In Hot Pursuit of the Pirates of Formosa
21. The Vanishing Junk; or, In the Floating Mystery's Wake
22. Old Glory's Guardian; or, The Plot to Steal a Pacific Liner

Columbia Library

1. The Yankee Lieutenant
3. A Courier to Gomez
5. A Secret Service Detail
7. On the Firing Line
9. For Spanish Gold
14. The Hero of the Brigade
15. The Charge of the Blockhouse
16. Fighting Against Odds

Do and Dare Weekly

55. Trooper Sherman's Orders; or, Under the Stars and Stripes in China
60. Trooper Sherman on a Dangerous Detail; or, A Spy in the Camp.

Starry Flag Weekly

1. Under Blanco's Eye; or, Hal Maynard among the Cuban Insurgents
2. Gomez's Yankee Scout; or, The Blow That Told for Cuba
3. The First Gun; or, Hal Maynard's Strong Command
4. Into death's jaws; or, Uniting with the reconcentrados
5. Uncle Sam's special; or, Hal Maynard's telegraphic strategy
6. The prisoner of Matanzas; or, Hal Maynard in the enemy's clutches
7. Tampa's dynamite fiend; or, Lieutenant Maynard's secret service exploit
8. The Dons from Mexico; or, Lieutenant Hal and the Spanish Plot at Port Tampa
9. Lieutenant Hal on staff duty, or, General Fitzhugh Lee's young aide
10. The star of the Rough Riders; or, Lieutenant Hal with Teddy's terrors
11. Old Glory in Havana, or, Hal Maynard's mission in the enemy's stronghold
12. The vanguard to Cuba, or The luck of the first invasion
13. Shafter's right hand, or, Hal Maynard's great game of strategy
14. Hal on the skirmish line, or, Fighting for the queen of the Red Cross
15. The blockhouse mystery, or, Hal Maynard's Cuban romance
16. For Spanish Gold; or, Hal's Raid on the Spanish Treasure Train
17. Hal on the outpost, or, With the army above doomed Santiago
18. The Hero of Manila; or, Hal Maynard Under a New Commander
19. Hal Maynard at West Point, or, The new member of the Seven Devils