The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Gréville, Henry, 1842-1902

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Items with "Gréville, Henry, 1842-1902" as Credited Author

American Series

168. A Noble woman

Appletons' Town and Country Library

52. Aline

Calumet Series (Homewood)

21. Aurette

Cassell's Sunshine Series of Choice Fiction

60. A Mystery

Collection of Foreign Authors

10. Ariadne

Dearborn Series

18. Un mystère, (a mystery)

The Elite Series

408. A Noble woman

Globe Library

119. A Noble woman

Henry Greville Series

1. Princess Roubine : A Society Romance of Greatest Originality
2. Xenie's Inheritance : A Story of Stirring and Dramatic Episodes
3. Bonne Marie : A Tale of Normandie and Paris
4. Dosia
5. Guy's Marriage : A Fascinating Novel of Domestic Life
6. Dournof : A Charming and Graphic Story of Russian Life
7. A Friend : A Story of Every-Day Life in Paris
8. Marrying Off a Daughter : A Society Novel Full of Gay and Sparkling Humor
10. Savéli's Expiation : A Powerful Russian Love Story
11. Sylvie's Betrothed : A Charming Love Story
12. Sonia

Henry Greville's Charming Novels

1. Zitka; or, The Trials of Raisa : A Russian Love Story
2. The Prince Ogherof : A Love Story
3. The Princess Roubine : A Russian Love Story
4. Dosia : A Russian Story
5. Savéli's Expiation : A Powerful Russian Story
6. Tania's Peril : A Russian Love Story
7. Sonia : A Love Story
8. Lucie Rodey : A Charming Society Novel
9. Bonne-Marie : A Tale of Normandy and Paris
10. Xenie's Inheritance : A Tale of Russian Life
11. Dournof : A Russian Story
12. Mam'selle Eugenie : A Russian Love Story
13. Gabrielle; or, The House of Maureze
14. A Friend; or, "L'Ami"
15. Marrying Off a Daughter : A Love Story
16. Sylvie's Betrothed : A Charming Novel
17. Philomene's Marriages : A Love Story
18. Guy's Marriage
19. Pretty Little Countess Zina
20. Markof, the Russian Violinist

Holly Library

176. The Beaurand mystery

Idylwild Series

37. Aurette

Ivers' Detective Series

43. A Noble woman

The Keystone Library

328. Wild Oats

Library of Choice Fiction

Aurette's Husband

Munro's Library (Pocket)

204. Wild Oats

Neely's Booklet Library

24. The Little Russian Servant

Once a Week Library

v. 11, no. 19. An Old Folks' Wooing

Pastime Series, 1st Series

43. Wayward Dosia

People's Series

27. Aurette

Peterson's Series of Choice Fiction

45. Dosia and Marrying off a Daughter

Seaside Library (Ordinary Edition)

Anton Malissof
404. Ariadne
420. Niania
424. Sonia
536. Seaside Library (Ordinary Edition) No. 536
544. The Princess Ogherof
1418. Sylvie's Betrothed

Seaside Library, Pocket Edition

1678. Frankley