The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Kurz, Frederick C.

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Items with "Kurz, Frederick C." as Credited Author

Annie (1 edition)
Black Eyes and Blue (3 editions)
But For A Little While (2 editions)
The Country Parson (1 edition)
Good-By (1 edition)
Grandpa's Christmas (2 editions)
A Lullaby (2 editions)
The One I Love (1 edition)
The Silken Bonds (1 edition)
The Sleep Visitant (1 edition)
The Spirit In The Air (1 edition)
A Summer Song (1 edition)
Tempt Me Not! (1 edition)
That One Sweet Face (1 edition)
There's Somebody Who Cares For Me (1 edition)
To A— (1 edition)
The Treasure of Treasures (2 editions)
Victoria (1 edition)