The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Pratt, Anges L.

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Items with "Pratt, Anges L." as Credited Author

"From Shadow—Sun" (1 edition)
A Coward's Pluck (1 edition)
Got the Drop on Him (1 edition)
His Atonement (1 edition)
"His Brother's Keeper" (1 edition)
Laying a Ghost (1 edition)
Made Honest by a Fall (1 edition)
A Mysterious Disappearance (1 edition)
A Needless Remorse (1 edition)
"Room 17" (1 edition)
Sacrificed and Saved (1 edition)
A Thief's Honor (1 edition)
Twice Spared (1 edition)
The Unconscious Thief (1 edition)