The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - The City Items Scribe

Pseudonym For: Cowdrick, J. C. (Jesse C.), 1859-1899

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Items with "The City Items Scribe" as Credited Author

The Banner Weekly

The "Get There" Club": Brother Perkins Proceeds
The "Get There" Club: Account of the Flood Continues
The "Get There" Club: Barker's Big Burial
The "Get There" Club: Brother Barker Concludes
The "Get There" Club: Brother Barker Continues
The "Get There" Club: Brother Barker Proceeds
The "Get There" Club: Brother Barker's Whopper
The "Get There" Club: Brother Short's Long Swim
The "Get There" Club: Brother Strong at the North Pole
The "Get There" Club: Brother Strong's Strongest
The "Get There" Club: Brother White Continues
The "Get There" Club: Hobson's Account of the Flood
The "Get There" Club: Hobson's Wonderful Dog
The "Get There" Club: Peter Perkins's Precarious Predicament
The "Get There" Club: Short's Remarkable Career
The "Get There" Club: The Awful Fate of Brother White
The "Get There" Club: The Final Effort
The "Get There" Club: Two Souls Astray
The "Get There" Club: White Lies Again
The "Get There" Club: White Whopper Concluded
A. Pinkerton Simpkins, Detective
Alle Same 'Mellican Man
An Arizona Screamer
Bad-Man Jinks
Billingson's Type-Writer
Billup's Bicycle
Blinkers Paints His House
The Bungtown Temperance Union
A Chapter on Baby Talk
The Choppleys Name Their Baby
Chumper's Painted Scalp
A Cold Bedfellow
The Deacon's Double
The Deacon's Horse-Starter
The Deacons' Sons Play Cards
Dobbs's Sewing-Machine
Dodger Buys a Dog
Fact Outdoing Fiction
From "Mousehole" to Albuquerque
Gallagher's Infernal Machine
A Good Humbug
Jim Smith's Skating Cats
Jones-Smith and Smith-Jones
The Laws of Nature Violated
Mr. Schaumbaum and Mr. Solomon
Mrs. Chumper's Splasher
Mrs. Mulligan Hears Burglars
Mrs. Mulligan's Five O'Clock Tea
Mulligan and the Abalone
Mulligan and the Census-Taker
Mulligan and the Prickly Pears
Mulligan and the Twins
Mulligan Attends the Races
Mulligan Becomes a Cliff-Dweller
Mulligan Captures a Spirit
Mulligan Cleans Out the Well
Mulligan Cleans the Clock
Mulligan Gets Another Idea
Mulligan Gets Burned
The Mulligan Guards
Mulligan Has a Wake
Mulligan Has Toothache
Mulligan High; Mulligan Low
Mulligan Invents a Water-Walker
Mulligan Joins the Masons
Mulligan on the Home-Stretch
Mulligan Plays Base-Ball
Mulligan Runs for Office
Mulligan Sees the Circus
Mulligan Takes a Wild Ride
Mulligan Takes Lessons
Mulligan Takes Poison
Mulligan Tries Electric Lighting
Mulligan Tries Photography
Mulligan Up in a Balloon
Mulligan's Across the Continent Trip
Mulligan's Birthday
Mulligan's Charger
Mulligan's Chimney Afire
Mulligan's Death-Vision
Mulligan's Fire-Escape
Mulligan's House-Warming
Mulligan's Latest Exploit
Mulligan's Night of Horror
Mulligan's Patent Incubator
Mulligan's Toboggan Slide
Mulligan's Volunteer Fire Brigade
The Mulligans Go Out West
The Mulligans Have La Grippe
The Mulligans Name the Twins
The Mulligans Try Rusticating
Never Die Paddy McBrian
The Official Board Meet
The Old Folks Skate
Old Gabe and the Thermometer
Old Jack
Old Sunday's Bewitched Pigs
Overturn's New Venture
An Owed to Spring
Practicing for the Ring
Prof. Buoyant's Flying Machine
Robert and Richard
The Skimpertons Try Boarding
Smitherly's Ancestry
Snipkins's Valentines
The Specimen-Hunter's Find
That Haythen Chinee
That Mystery At Seaville
Through the "Mousehole"
The Tin Terror on Ten Wheels
Truth Stranger Than Fiction
Uncle Sammy and the Tomcat
Widow Griggs's Parrot
The Widow Hoolihan's Kids