The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Chambers, Augusta

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Items with "Chambers, Augusta" as Credited Author

The After-Glow (1 edition)
Among the Pines (1 edition)
An April Wraith (1 edition)
At Dawn (1 edition)
At Maria's (1 edition)
At the Cabin (2 editions)
The City of Dreams (2 editions)
A Cry (2 editions)
Dissolving Views (1 edition)
The Editor's Fire (2 editions)
For Love, The Beautiful Survives (1 edition)
Good-By (2 editions)
I Love Thee Still (2 editions)
Improvising (2 editions)
In Memoriam (1 edition)
In the Wind's Face (2 editions)
Inspiration (2 editions)
Intransitu (1 edition)
The Laurels (2 editions)
Let Me See Thy Face Again: A Ballad of Longing (1 edition)
Life Eternal (1 edition)
Life's Utmost (2 editions)
The Life-Guard (1 edition)
Love Finds A Way (1 edition)
My Missing Atoms (1 edition)
My Summerland Over the Sea (1 edition)
Old Letters (1 edition)
Our Might Have Been (1 edition)
Parnell (1 edition)
A Run of Widows (1 edition)
Self-Communion (1 edition)
Sometime-Somewhere (1 edition)
Soul-Tossed, A Song (1 edition)
Surf-eited! (1 edition)
The Thunderbolt Line (1 edition)
Tired (2 editions)
To Her Portrait (1 edition)
Uncle Tommery; or, In Bondage (1 edition)
What Is Love? (1 edition)
When Life is Lived (1 edition)
The Wind and I (2 editions)
Your Roses (1 edition)