The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Morgan, Thomas P.

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Items with "Morgan, Thomas P." as Author

The Banner Weekly

The "Dago's" Sacrifice
The "Trilby" Young Man
A Brilliant Scheme
A Call on the Postmaster-General
A Chapter on Cats
A Chapter On Fools
A Chapter on Love
A Cure for "Ongwee"
A Cure for Hiccoughs
A Cure for Spring Fever
A Dull Week
A Dyspeptic Man Meets His Match
A Fraternal Call
A Hirsute Disquisition
A Horse on Ike
A Letter to the Shah
A Point of Etiquette
A Priceless Volume
A Slap-Jack Episode
A Snort of Rage
A Warm Reception
A Wasted Lesson
The Advanced Woman
Advancing the Boom
The Advice That Cost $2
The Alcalde of Plug Hat
Alkali Ike's Appomattox
Alkali Ike's Break-out
Alkali's Advent
All For Dovey Glick
All Kinds of People
The American Boarding-House
An Astonished "His Excellency"
An Uneventful Week
Another Glimpse of Soeysmith
The Anti-Soot Bomb
An Apiarian Renaissance
At Church
At the Function
At the Museum
At the Patent Office
At the Tomb of Washington
The Automatic Hugger
Averting a Great War
The B. of the R. R. H.
The Bachelor's Advice
Barking Up the Wrong Tree
The Beauty of Arbitration
The Blase Young Man
The British Jay
Buckover's Advent and Exit
Bud's Bad Breaks
The Bugger Awakening
Bugger's Burglar Trap
Bugger's Capital Prize
Bugger's Cow
Bugger's Double
Bugger's Garden
Bugger's Housekeeping
Bugger's Visitors
Bumps and Boomerangs
The Cattle King
The Celestial Doctor's Dilemma
The Charmed Life
Civilizing the Indian
The Clerk's Lasso
A Close Shave
Colonel Pride's Fall
Concerning Public Servants
Correcting An Evil
The Coterie of Perpetual Youth
Crushing an Anglomaniac
The Cyclone Cave
Daniel Boone on Deck
Dick and Stub, the On-The Road Chums; or, Slippery Ike's Crooked Ways, A Romance of the Gold Island Mystery
Dickery's Revenge
Dispelling the Gloom
The Dog Circus
The Downtrodden Department Clerk
The Downtrodden Postmaster
The Driftwood of the Capital
Dye and Despair. The Duffy House Catastrophe
East and West
The Editorial Pathway
The Egg Mine
Elmer, Faith and Amzi
Entertaining the Widow
Ex-Boomer Reminiscences: The Claim-Jumper
The Ex-Boomer's Reminiscences: A Cattle Town
The Ex-Boomer's Reminiscences: Bludsoe & Co.
The Ex-Boomer's Reminiscences: Boot Hill
The Ex-Boomer's Reminiscences: Enforcing the Gospel
The Ex-Boomer's Reminiscences: Horn Heard From
Ex-Boomer's Reminiscences: Jim Lane, of Kansas
The Ex-Boomer's Reminiscences: Lord Bulburton's Reception
The Ex-Boomer's Reminiscences: Shuckless Smith's Grave
The Ex-Boomer's Reminiscences: The Benders
The Ex-Boomer's Reminiscences: The Boom At Hick's Mound
The Ex-Boomer's Reminiscences: The Elusive County Seat
The Ex-Boomer's Reminiscences: The English Experiment
The Ex-Boomer's Reminiscences: The Fall of Prairie City
The Ex-Boomer's Reminiscences: The Late Mr. Babcock
The Ex-Boomer's Reminiscences: The Lazy Club
The Ex-Boomer's Reminiscences: The Skunk Reception
The Ex-Boomer's Reminiscences: The Unreserved Old-Timer
The Ex-Boomer's Reminiscences: The Way of the Vigilantes
The Ex-Boomer's Reminiscences: Voting Bonds
The Ex-Boomer's Reminiscences: War to the Knife
Exercising the Hog
Faith Cure
The Farewell Performance
The Farmer's Champion
The Felinite Scheme
The Fire at Bugger's
Flayed by a Fad
Flooring a Soothsayer
Freshness Rebuked
Fuddy's Folly
Funny People
The Go-Devil Health-Promoter
The Good Samaritan's Report
A Great Brain
A Great Discovery
A Great Man's Visit
Green Hair
The Happy Family
Haunted by a Lie
His Only Sermon
The Hogmonicon
Horn and Bud
Horn and Bud in Washington
Horn and Ike
Horn and the Demon
Horn and the Scientist
Horn and the Widow
Horn at the White House
Horn Carves a Duck
Horn Declares War
Horn Does His Duty
Horn Entertains the Office-Seekers
Horn Escapes From Arkansas
Horn Explains Further
Horn Gets Twisted
Horn Goes Shopping
Horn Hangs High
Horn Helps Hoke
Horn Hoist On His Own Petard
Horn Howls
Horn Loses His Bearings
Horn Makes Answer
Horn Off on a Tangent
Horn on the Wing
Horn Rebukes a Scoffer
Horn Sits Up In Bed
Horn Solves A Problem
Horn Stands up and Orates
Horn Still Sloshing Around
Horn Talks About Gog and Magog
Horn Talks Mean About Spain
Horn Tells How It Happened
Horn's Bonanza
Horn's Bureau of Information
Horn's Confession
Horn's Explanation
Horn's Guest
Horn's Indignation
Horn's Inhumanity to the Hog
Horn's Little Petard
Horn's Little Scheme
Horn's Sentiments
Horn's Unnecessary Agitation
Horn, Ike and Hoke
The Horoscopticon
Horse and Horse
How Doctor Slade Slode
How Ike Was Squelched
How It Happened
How They Managed the Circus
How to Save Three Billions a Year
The Huckleberry Picnic
Ike's Bad Luck
Ike's Effort to Be Good
Ike's Mysterious Malady
Ike's Peculiar Malady
Ike's Reproof
The Imitation Englishman
The Improved Dumb Waiter
The Improved Dumb-Waiter
In the Middle of the Night
In the Shadow of the Capitol
The Jackaphone Scheme
The Jibbonainosay
The Joke on Ike
The Kinds of Men
Lafe's Little Lapses
The Landlady's Husband
Listen to These Tales of Woe
Little Amzi's Keepsakes
A Long-Felt Want
Lord Fitzdinky's Drive
Lord Simon's Offense
The Making of a Cynic
The Man With Information
McBloke's Raffle
The Megatherium and Others
A Memory
The Monumental Scarabei
More About Soeysmith
More About The Putchetts
Mrs. Bugger's Dog
My Funny Story
My Wild Man
The New Eliza
The New Volapuk
The Nose Holders
The Obtuse Frenchman
The Odorite Bombs
Old Man Batters's Dog
The Old Property-Man
Old Rufus Tells a Reminiscence
On a Tour of Inspection
On the Circuit with Dr. Mary
On The Subject of Suicide
Oom-Pah's Ghost
The Passing of Daniel Boone
Pawpaw Time
The Peculiar Mummies
The Peerless Plaster
The Penalty of Cuteness
Pendygrass' Peculiarities
The Perfidious Joss
The Pertifica-Mellicka
A Pestiferous Citizen
The Pirate's Treasure
Poor Billy McGarrahan!
The Presidential Prerogative
Prodding the Eagle
Prof. Addle's Disseminator
Prof. Bijinks's Cryptogram
Prof. Hornblower's "Blow"
Prof. Mellick's Calf
Prof. Mellick's Gas Discovery
Prof. Scuddy's Disillusion
The Professional Listener
The Professor and the "Crawfish"
The Professor's "Indications"
The Professor's Dog
A Prospective Partnership
The Put-out Putchetts
The Quaint Mr. Skee
Raising the Wind
The Record of Six Working-Days
Rectifying the Town
Red Bats
Rev. Abel's Reception
The Rival Hotels
The Room That Had the Jim-Jams
Rounding Him in
The Sacred Cat
The Sad Things of Life
The Safety Slide
Sam Jack's Cow
The Scientific Boarder
Secretary Herbert's Dilemma
The Shovel-Tailed Coat
The Silver Question Settled
Soeysmith Again
Soeysmith Explains
Soeysmith's Sad, Sad Story
Soeysmith's Tale of Woe
Something About Sneddiker
Speakin' of Coxey
Speaking of Strikes
Spooner's Bureau
A Strange Manuscript
Subduing a Viper
The Sulkipede
A Sultry Salvationist
The Bugger Monkey
The Trained Calves
The Trouble at Bugger's
Two Broken Legs and Two Fortunes
The Two Kids
Uncle Dick, the Mascot
Uncle Rufus and the Chinese
Uncle Rufus Demonstrates
Uncle Rufus's Oil Investment
The Uncooked Jay
The Unfettered Sign-Painter
The Useful Deaf Man
The Waggish Young Man
A War Map
War Talk
We Met
What They Said
What Was It?
Where the Laugh Wouldn't Come In
Wholly Unexpected
Why Uncle Rufus Got Whipped
The Woes of Mr. Klawback
Words About Widows
The Young Man With Statistics