The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Morrow, Abbie Clemens

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Items with "Morrow, Abbie Clemens" as Author

The Banner Weekly

A Man's Revenge
A Child's Question
Two Valentines

The Saturday Journal

A First of April Letter
A Man's Revenge
A Memory
A Wife's Plea
The Best Present of All
Blanche and Lily, A Story of Hallow-e'en
A Child's Question
Did He Do Right?
The Face in the Glass, A Vision of Halloween
The Fateful Opal! A Story of One St. Valentine's Day
How She Conquered
Lilian's Husband
The Missing Will, A Story of St. Patrick's Day
Two Girls' Valentines
The Way the River Ran
Wetta's New Year's Gift