The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Werner, E.

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Items with "Werner, E." as Credited Author

At a High Price (4 editions)
At the Altar (3 editions)
Beacon Lights (2 editions)
Breta's Double and A Memory, From the German (2 editions)
Broken Chains (1 edition)
Danira (1 edition)
The Fairy of the Alps; or, A Heavy Reckoning (3 editions)
Flames (1 edition)
"Good Luck"; or, Success, and How He Won It; or, She Fell in Love with Her Husband (4 editions)
His Word of Honor (4 editions)
Home Sounds (3 editions)
A Judgement of God (1 edition)
A Judgment of God (1 edition)
A Lover from Across the Sea and Other Stories (1 edition)
The Master of Ettersberg (7 editions)
The Northern Light (2 editions)
The Price He Paid (6 editions)
The Quill Driver (1 edition)
Raymond's Atonement; or, Banned and Blessed (4 editions)
Saint Michael (4 editions)
She Fell in Love with Her Husband (7 editions)
The Sign of Flame (1 edition)
The Stolen Vail and the Unsigned Will. From the German (2 editions)
Vineta (2 editions)
What the Spring Brought; or, His Word of Honor (2 editions)