The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Gidley, Will S.

Pseudonym: Nuff, Noah

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Items with "Gidley, Will S." as Credited Author

The Banner Weekly

"A Victim of Circumstances"
"Born Tired," And Not Even the Sting of a Bee Was Sufficient to Arouse Him
"Business Before Pleasure," Mr. Scruggs Had a Motto and Live Up to It
The "Grass Widder" and the Agent
"He Always Married Widders," But He Didn't This Trip, Just the Same
"Mariar" Called a Truce
The "Medicine" Saved Them
"Not Like It Used to Was." The Old-Timer Visits the Circus and Comes Away Disappointed.
"Rassling" With The Question
An Accommodating Bartender
The Aldermen Were Responsible
All About a Goat
Almost a Tragedy
And Then They Bought Some
And Then They Got Mad
Angeline and Her Poodle
Another "L" Outrage
Another Lesson From Foghorn
Beating the Boomerang
Before and After: A Farce in Two Chapters and a Postscript
Belligerent Mr. Doodleby
The Biography of Captain Kidd, Revised Version
Biography of the Late J. Caesar, Revised Version
Blodgers's Discovery; or, A Night of Revelations
Bloomer and the Gas Company
Bloomer's "Genuine G. W. Relic"
Bloomer's Blunder
Bloomer's Cyclone Reminiscences
Bloomer's Fish Story
Bloomer's Horse Story
Bloomer's Mean Man
Bloomer's Overcoat, Mr. Simpson's Bill For Storage, Etc., Rather Surprises Him
Bloomer's Snake Story
Bloomer's Tact
Bloomer's Turkey Story
Bluffing the Bowery
Boarding-House Chaff: Bliffers as a Tragedian
Boarding-House Chaff: Discussing the "Grip"
Boarding-House Chaff: I. Robinson's Conundrum
Boarding-House Chaff: III. Bliffers Doesn't Feel Well
Boarding-House Chaff: Joggins's First Attempt
Boarding-House Chaff: Robinson Feels Insulted
Boarding-House Chaff: Robinson's Brush With the Landlady
Boggs's "Burglar Bouncer"
Both Sides of the Question
The Brakeman's Tribulations
Brave Mr. Jobson
Breaking Up "the Grip"
Buggins Forgot Something
Bumberly's Evening at Home
Buncoed by Blivens
Bunker's Bumblebee Matinee
Bunker's Ham-Thief Trap
Bunker's Narrow Escape
Buster Takes the Pledge
Called to Wallop the Editor, But Concluded to Postpone the Affair for a Few Years
A Canine Episode
Careful of His Health
A Case of "Blight"
A Case of Ingratitude
A Case of Shrinkage
Caught Them Both
Cause For Alarm
Changed His Mind
A Chanticleer Chase
A Chilly Time for Spriggins
Christmas Notes
Cleaning Out a Newspaper Office
A Cold-Blooded Joke
Collecting a Debt, It Is Up Hill Work – Especially When There Is A Stringency In The Money Market
Concluded Not to Sue
Concluded to Subscribe
Concluded to Trade There
A Coney Island Episode
Couldn't Catch Him
Couldn't Down Him
Couldn't Get 'Em Interested
Courtship in the Old Style; or, The Love of Samuel and Susan
The Crank Epidemic
Cupid in the Country; or, The Courtship of Silas and Sarah Jane
A Dangerous Female to Fool With
The Darky and the Sandbag
Deacon Tubbs and the Cow
"Declined With Thanks"
Declined Without Thanks
Deserved Tar-and-Feathers, But He Was so Mean They Decided Not to Gratify Him
The Diagnosis Didn't Suit
Diary of a Dudelet
Diary of a Newsdealer
Diary of an "L" Brakeman
Didn't Have the Kind He Wanted
Didn't Know It at First, But Finally Concluded He Had Been Insulted
Didn't Like the West
Didn't Recognize the Critter
Didn't See How It Could be Done
Didn't Want It
A Disappointed Burglar
The Disinfectant Didn't Seem to Sell, But the Vender Was Persevering
A Distressing Episode
Dobbins and the Chicago Detective
Dobbins's Detective Experience
A Dog-gone Affair
Doings in Snagville
Doolittle on the War-Path
Doolittle Was Grasping, Slightly, as His Account with the "Widder" Showed
Doolittle's Experiment
Down on "the Wimmen Folks"
Down on Agents
Drawing a Prize
A Drawn Battle
Drew the Line at Gun
Drew the Line at Pugs
Drew the Line at Snakes
Dropping the Old Man a Line; or, How Bloomer Captured His Girl's Father
A Drug-Store Tragedy
The Drummer's Mistake
The Dude and the Red-Man; or, Having Fun with Buffalo Bill's Indians
The Dude's Downfall; or, How Cholly's Friend Slipped Up in His Calculations
An Eating-House Philanthropist
The Editor Out-Talked Him, But John Hit Back Soon as He Got a Piece of Paper and an Opportunity
The Editor Was Posted on Snakes
The Editor's Dilemma
The Editor's Woes
An Enterprising Newspaper
Ephraim Was Brave, But Preferred Death in Another Way
Ephraim's Mistake; or, Almost a Tragedy
An Evening With Foghorn, He Tries to Make a Nuisance of Himself and Succeeds
Exit Wiggins
Extracts from the Jimtown Bugle
Fact and Fancy
The Fatal Phonograph; or, How She Lost Him
Ferguson and the "Englishman"
Ferguson Furnishes a Few Facts
Ferguson's Blunder
Ferguson's Fish Story
Ferguson's Narrow Escape
Ferguson's Vacation
The First Encounter
Fitznoodle's First Reception
Fixed for Them
Foghorn Economizes
Foghorn Puts in the Coal
Foghorn's Christmas Goose
Foghorn's Conundrums
Foghorn's Fuel Cartridge
Foghorn's Letter
Foghorn's Lost Hat
Foghorn's Nerve Remedy, It Was Maria's Fault That it Disappeared, of Course
The Folly of Knowing Too Much
Formed a "Trust" of His Own
"Fowl Play"; or, Fooled by a Newspaper
A Friend of Sophocles
The Game was Old
Georgie Was Inquisitive
The Girls Were Bad Enough, But When Dad And Mam Both Took To Bicycling It Was A Trifle More Than He Could Stand
Got the Information at Last
Got the Worth of His Money
Got What He Needed
Got What He Was Looking For
Had Been There Himself
Had Enough of Columbus
Had Heard of It Before
Had One Already
Had to Lick Bill First
He "Shrunk"
He "Struck", So Did His Dad
He Begged to Differ
He Did His Fighting in Canada
He Didn't Come Back
He Didn't Scare
He Drew the Line
He Found the Very Man
He Got the Pie
He Had Them in Stock
He Made a Slight Mistake
He Objected to Hat Jokes
He Saw the Folly of Being a Dude
He Secured an Engagement
He Tackled the Wrong Female
He Wanted Damages
He Wanted His Mail
He Wanted to be a Schoolma'am
He Wanted to Know
He Was a Devoted Love, But the Test She Proposed Was Too Much for Him
He Was a Stranger to the City, But Mr. Boggs was Evidently Able to Take Care of Himself
He Was an Athlete Himself
He Was Looking For Fight, But He Declined to Lick a Man
He Was on Their Trail
He Was Sadly Deceived, But the Lawyer Said It Served Him Right
He Was Slightly Nervous
He Was Subject to Chills
He Was Subject to Dyspepsia, But Something Else Overtook Him First
He Was Subject to Fits, But He Concluded Not to Have One After All
He Wasn't a Bridge-Jumper
He Wasn't Lonesome
Henry J. and Amelia Jane; or, How Hornswoggle Took the Hint
His Little Scheme
His Memory Was All Right
His Mission of Vengeance
His Mother's Cooking
His Mother's Squash Pie
His One Request
His Poetry Wasn't Appreciated
His Services Were Declined
His Services Were Not Required
His Specialty was "Booming."
His Spine Was Injured, So He Said, But He Could Run All the Same
His Testimonial; or, The Fatal Shock, A Pateni Medicine Episode
His Theory Went Back on Him
"A Hopeless Case"
The Horse Was Still Dead
How Bloomer Caught Them
How Foghorn Did the Washing
How He Distinguished Himself
How He Suffered
How Johnson Tended Baby
How Perkins Got Even
How Peters Lost a Fortune
How She Lost Him; or, Separated by a Kick
How They Encouraged Spriggins
How to Hatch Them
How to Keep Him Home
How Uncle Dan'l Cured the Dog
How We Surprised Buglesnipe
Humorous Mr. Snaggs
Hunting Rats
In Search of a Job; or, The Postage Stamp Fiend Discourager
"Interferin' With Providence"
An Interrupted Serenade
Investigating the Dog Tax
It Failed to Fetch Them
"It Might Have Been"
It Removed the Freckles
It Was a Cold World
J. Henry's Escape
Jaggers's Home-Made Shirt
Jaggers's Wheat Cakes
James Was Posted
"Jest Tookin' a Nap"
Jim and Jerry; or, Tow of a Kind
Jimpson's Stove Matinee
Jingle's Poetry
Jobbers's Family Horse
Jobbers's Ghost
Jobson's Christmas Turkey
John Henry's Peril, A Tale of Modern New York
John Smith vs. John Chinaman
Jones's Spotted Heifer
Josh Was Shiftless, But She Got No Sympathy From The Court On That Account
Joys of a Ticket Agent
Juggins's Great Scheme, It Sounded Big, but the Financier Didn't Invest
A Justifiable Case
Knew a Better Way Than That
Knew a Cyclorama When He Saw It
Knew His Business, And He Didn't Care For A Ride Just Then
The Late Mr. Shakspere
Latest Style of Journalism, As Practiced in Some Newspaper Offices
The Law was on Her Side
The Lawyer Got Left
Learning by Experience
A Lesson for Silas
A Lesson in Politeness
Lo! The Poor Brakeman
The Long-Lost Brother
Looking For a Bunco Steerer, Expected to Make It Lively For Him in Case He Ran Across One
Lost His Trade
Luck Was Ag'in' Him
Made Himself at Home, But The Janitor Objected
Making It Easy for Him, And Yet William Was Ungrateful
The Man from Kansas City
Matters and Things: "Earning a Living"
Matters and Things: "Un Brav Generale"
Matters and Things: A "Business Woman"
Matters and Things: A Bad Give Away
Matters and Things: A Clam "Pome"
Matters and Things: A Different Sort of "Widder"
Matters and Things: A Feline Tale
Matters and Things: A New Literary Light
Matters and Things: A Sad Case
Matters and Things: A Shy Young Thing
Matters and Things: After the Police
Matters and Things: An Irretrievable Blunder
Matters and Things: Asking Too Much
Matters and Things: Canadian Enterprise
Matters and Things: Clear Case of Lunacy
Matters and Things: Dollars and Sense
Matters and Things: East To Believe
Matters and Things: Giving the Entire Facts
Matters and Things: Hardware vs. Gold
Matters and Things: He Didn't Go
Matters and Things: He Left All There Was
Matters and Things: He Sent It—And it was Published, Too
Matters and Things: He'd Seen Ball Games Before
Matters and Things: Help Yourself, Mr. Jones!
Matters and Things: Her Science Failed This Time
Matters and Things: How Does That Affect Him?
Matters and Things: If P. T. Were Only Alive!
Matters and Things: Isaac Was Tough
Matters and Things: It Cured His Headache, but Left Him Worse Off Than Before
Matters and Things: It Was
Matters and Things: Just The Man He Wanted
Matters and Things: No Laughing Matter
Matters and Things: No Light Housekeeping for Her
Matters and Things: Not So Funny Then
Matters and Things: Nothing To Crow About
Matters and Things: Objected to the "Figgers"
Matters and Things: Ought To Let Them Vote, Anyhow
Matters and Things: Remedy Worse Than The Disease
Matters and Things: Sad for the Ladies
Matters and Things: Served Him Right!
Matters and Things: Serves Him Right
Matters and Things: Settled His Hash
Matters and Things: Smart Connecticut Dogs
Matters and Things: Still a Puzzle
Matters and Things: The Bed of Our Daddies
Matters and Things: The Captain's Big Eel
Matters and Things: The Latest from Keeley's Motor
Matters and Things: The Reward of Honesty
Matters and Things: The Way of Modern Lovers
Matters and Things: They Will Do It
Matters and Things: Too Much Excitement for Him
Matters and Things: Well, Hardly
Matters and Things: What It Comes To
Matters and Things: What She Was Aware Of
Matters and Things: What's the Matter With the Men?
Matters and Things: Which and Wherefore?
The Mayor Was In
McDoodle Took the Hint
McGuffin's Ghost
McGuffin's Mule
Meek, But He Drew the Line
The Mesmerism Didn't Work
Miggs's "Widder"
"Mighty Poor Moose-Meat"
Missed It All 'Round
Missing an Opportunity
The Missing Links; or, The Man, the Basket, and the Dog
The Missing Man from Wayback
"Money Loaned on Security"
Money Was No Object to Him
Mr. Bloomer's Cold
Mr. Foghorn's Calf Chase
Mr. Foghorn's Home-Made Hair-Cut
Mr. Growler at Home
Mr. Winkle's Mistake
Mrs. Spilldyke Knew How, Even If Spilldyke Didn't
Muggins's Matinee
Muggins's Universal, Etc
"Music in the Air"
A Musical Tournament
My First Girl
My Joke on Litewaite
My Present
My Thanksgiving Story
A Narrow Escape for Both
A Narrow Escape
A Natural-Born Poet
New York Was Too Tame For Him, So Uncle Silas Cut His Visit Short
No Call for Sympathy
No Danger from the Police
No Demand for Corn Remedies
No Ear for Music
No Enterprise in the Place
No Legal Advice Necessary
No License Required
"No Poetry in His'n"
No Prize Packages for Her
No Raw Bananas for Him
No Show for a Patriot
No Show for an Honest Man
No Show For Him
No Show to Make an Honest Living
No Use For a "Cyclopedy"
No Use For a "Disperser"
No Use for Him on the "L"
No Use in the West
"No Use"
"No Work in His'n"
The Noble League of Pig-Stickers
None But the Brave, Etc.
"None For Sale"
Not a Fifty-Dollar Town
Not A Fin-de-siecle Town
Not So Sleepy As He Looked
Not So Slow After All
Nubbins's Generous Employer
Objected to Being Laughed At
Objected to Cold Pancakes
Odds and Ends
Off-Hand Sketches
Old Cusstuggee's Tomahawk
Old Friend of His Wife", "An
The Old Man Didn't Want a Back Seat
The Old, Old Story. Revised and Nineteenth - Centuryfied
On the "L" Road
On the Trail
On the Trail of a Liar
On the War-Path for Moths
"Our Country Cousins"
Pensive Paragraphs
Perkins and the Clothes-Rack
Perkins Was Prejudiced
Perkins Was Trying to Oblige, But His Efforts Were Not Appreciated
A Persecuted Husband, The Law Was On The Side Of The "Old Woman," As He Termed Her
Peter Was Slow, But Her Got There at Last
Peters's Mean Man
Phonographed on the Sly
Pickled Paragraphs
A Pike County Idyl
Podgers's Fun
A Poet-Lariat on the Rampage
Points About the Ancients
Policeman Snaggs's "Tiger"
Preparing for Summer Boarders
Protecting an Orphan
Pulling Teeth by Installment
Reckless All 'Round
A Reporter's Discovery; or, The Midnight Mystery
Resigned the Job
The Reward of Virtue
Robinson's Horse
Robinson's Vacation
Roundabout Remarks
Running the Blockade
Rupert Montgomery's Mistake, A Tale of Love in the Rural Districts
Rupert was Bashful, A Leap-Year Episode
Rupert's Revenge
A Rural Catastrophe
A Sad Case
Sam Johnson's Failing
Sam Peters's Nemesis
Sam Sperry's School
Same Old Style
A Sanctum Tragedy
"Sassiety" Sketches: Taken on the Spot, or Thereabouts
Satisfying a Drummer
Scared Him Out
Scaring an Editor
"Scat"; or, Parted By a Word
The Scheme Wouldn't Work
Seen Under the Gaslight
She "Had the Rocks"
She Didn't Back Out
She Didn't Enthuse
She Didn't Need One
She Had Red Hair
She Left Them Alone
She Only Forgot
She Probably Didn't Have 'Em
She Took the Harp
She Wanted to Do All the Talking
She Was Ungrateful
She, Too, Had "Writ a Diary"
The Sheriff's Dilemma
Showing How It Worked
Si Sniffles's "Spells"
Simpson's Mother-in-Law; or, Rough on the Bandits
Simpson's Sad Mistake
Sir Isaac and the Fall Pippin
A Slander Repelled
A Slight Misunderstanding
A Smart Lot of Cats
Snagby Tries the "Earth Cure"
Snaggs Objected
Sniffles's First Maquerade
Snoggs vs. Hobbs; or, Ferguson's Story of an Assault and Battery Case
So Lazy He Worked Himself to Death
Society's Nemesis
Some Rapid Freezing
Some Smart Children
Some Warm Weather
Spillkins's Fun with the Old Pioneer
Spooner Was Ungrateful
Spring Idyls
Stood on His Dignity
The Story of a "Personal" or, A Masher's Mistake
Street-Car Scenes
Struck the Wrong Establishment
A Surprise for the Editor
Tackled the Wrong Place
Tackled the Wrong Smith
A Tale of Blighted Love
Taming Ajax
Telephone Tribulations
They Didn't Scare
They Knew Each Other
They Were Strangers
They Wouldn't Work
Thought He Was in the Bowery
Three Times and Out
The Tiger from the Jersey Jungles
Too Enterprising Entirely
Too Slow That Time
Too Thin, Indeed!
Took Pity on Him at Last
Took the Wrong Fellow's "Picture"
A Tough Customer
A Tragedian at Large
Train Sketches: Bangs's First Train-Robber
Train Sketches: Forgot His Umbrella
Train Sketches: Mistook Him for the Man who Owned the Road
Train Sketches: The Royal Bengal Tiger, etc., Rode Free
Train Sketches: They Were There
Train Sketches: Why He Didn't Kick
The Tramp Abroad
The Trials of a Druggist
"A Trifle Hard of Hearing"
The Tuxedo Suit
Two Episodes in Jenkins's Life
Two Hot Weather Yarns
Two of a Kind
The Two-Minute Watch
An Unappreciated Joke
Uncle Doolittle And the Bears
Uncle Silas in the Bowery
Uncle Silas on New York Papers
Uncle Silas's Ride on the Elevated
Understood His Business
An Unfortunate Parody
Waiting at a Country Station
Wamwam and the Pioneer
Wanted His Per Capita and Beer, But Somehow He Failed to Connect on Either
Wanted to Be Waited On
Warding Off an Epidemic
What "Sal" Forgot, and How the Old Lady Got Even With Her
What He Was Thinking Of
What Made Him Tired
"When Cheek Meets Cheek"
Who Discovered America?
Why Bloomer Came Back
Why Ethel Genevieve Wept
Why Ferguson Left Lake George
Why He Got the Mitten; or, Reginald De Snooks's Mistake
Why I Am Not a Poet
Why I Left Her
Why She Refused Him; or, The Fatal Pun
Willing to Assist Him
Withdrew His Patronage
Woke Him Up
The Woman's Way
Young Love's Dream

Beadle's Dime Dialogues

Too Much for Jones and Smith

The Chicago Ledger

Two Boys and a Bear