The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Theuriet, André, 1833-1907

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Items with "Theuriet, André, 1833-1907" as Credited Author

Appletons' New Handy-Volume Series

8. The House of the Two Barbels
9. Lights of the Old English Stage
17. Antoinette
18. John a-Dreams. A Tale.
21. Raymonde
65. All Alone

The Choice Series

44. Mademoiselle Desroches

Collection of Foreign Authors

2. Gérard's Marriage
9. The Godson of a Marquis
17. Young Maugars

Ledger Library

44. Mademoiselle Desroches

Library of Choice Fiction

Queen of the Woods
52. A Young Man of the Period

New York Ledger

Little Theresa (Mlls. Desroches)

Optimus Series

4. Dangerous Delights

The Popular Series

63. Little Theresa (Mlls. Desroches)